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This incredible 84-year-old is in better shape than others half his age! 

Jim Arrington from Venice, California, USA has achieved the record for the world’s Oldest male bodybuilder.

Though he might be a great-grandfather, nothing has stopped him from lifting weights for the last 70 years.

In total, he has competed in 62 competitions, winning an incredible 16.

Oldest male bodybuilder 2

Once nicknamed “Skinny Bones” when he was younger, Jim now gets a lot of attention for his muscular body. 

While dieting isn’t a problem for Jim, he sticks to a high protein, moderate carbohydrate and fat regimen to stay healthy year round.

“Just about anything works for a while, then your body adapts and requires new challenges,” said Jim. “Bodybuilding is hard work! You need to set goals, but most of all, you need to love the training. No bodybuilder is satisfied with how they look. If you want to compete, COMPETE! If you don't, you never will.”

When he’s not bodybuilding or competing, Jim enjoys doing DIY projects with his wife, traveling, Formula 1 racing and listening to classical music. 

Jim is honoured to be featured in this year’s book: “All my life, I have wanted to excel at something. With bodybuilding I reached that goal. Gaining a Guinness World Records title was 100 times better! My friends and family are all delighted. Everyone wants to be photographed with the certificate!”

Oldest male bodybuilder

Born in 1932, Jim is now 85 and hopes to break his record again by competing in more competitions.