Largest teddy bear collection guinness world records

Jackie Miley (USA) has achieved the world's Largest collection of teddy bears, after collecting an incredible 8,026 unique toys.

She lives in Hill City, South Dakota, USA - a town whose population numbers little more than a tenth of Jackie’s toy bear collection!

Most of the items in her record-breaking hoard make their home in Teddy Bear Town, a small house located on Main Street in Hill City.

Did you know…? People from every US state and 29 other countries have donated bears to Jackie. She grew up in foster homes and never had teddies of her own as a child. But, she admits, “I’m making up for it now!”

Largest collection of teddy bears Jackie

Jackie’s collection first began with a bear (named “Grandma Jackie”) which she won while on vacation in 2000.

Within her assortment, the smallest teddy bear is just 3/4 inches, with the largest spanning nearly 8 feet!

Largest collection of teddy bears puzzle

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