Most double leg circle rotations on a mushroom trainer in one minute

Would your friends believe you if you said you’d broken a world record?

Parker Lupher’s didn’t – until he showed them video evidence!

The 10-year-old set his heart on getting a Guinness World Records title after achieving a personal best at Incline Gymnastics Company in Highland Ranch, Colorado.

He was encouraged to go for the Most double leg circle rotations on a mushroom trainer in one minute title by his gym coach.

This is a tough gymnastics move that requires skill, strength and stamina!

"I knew I could beat it," said Parker, feeling confident.

He managed to break the previous record by three 360-degree rotations, setting a new mark of 68.

"A lot of my friends did not believe me at school but then after I showed them the video they thought it was so cool. My teachers want me to be a part of an assembly to talk about my record and how I worked hard to get it."

As you’d expect, his mum Mandi is incredibly proud of her son: "It has been a very fun experience for our whole family. After submitting the application, I was proud of the patience he showed in waiting. And then I was proud of his courage to try in front of a whole bunch of people. Now I can say I know a world record holder!"

"I think I can keep working on improving how many circles in a minute and maybe set the record for most total circles," says Parker.

Parker with his certificate

If he has achieved this record at the age of 10, who knows what he can achieve by the time he is an adult?!

Other talented youngsters who have recently achieved Guinness World Records titles include eight-year-old Roxanne Downs (UK) who is the Youngest magazine editor and South Africa’s Oratilwe AJ Hlongwane, the Youngest club DJ.