ben afquack reading GWR 2021 and standing on stool

Many have seen the viral video of the one and only Instagram-famous duck Ben Afquack drumming with his adorable little feet.

Well, now he's waddles into Guinness World Records 2021!  

Ben Afquack holds the record for most followers on Instagram for a duck. 🦆📱

Ben afquack drumming with his feet

Sporting a total of 79,002 followers, Ben has reached amazing success on the platform.  

Ben lives in St. Paul, Minnesota (USA) with his owner Derek Johnson, who looks after him updated the Instagram profile. It's hard to use a touch screen with webbed feet, after all!  

Derek had a pet duck in his early 20’s, but was waiting for the right moment before acquiring a new one in his home.  

"I decided that some day... I really wanted to get another duck. So several years later... the time was finally right! I was so excited to get my duck that I actually got him a week before we closed on our house." - Derek Johnson, owner of Ben Afquack

Derek wanted his close friends and family present when he went to go get his little best friend. 

He had his wife, sister, and best friend on Facetime when looking at the baby ducks.  

Ben was the only duckling who was very open and calm around Derek, and right away they knew he was the perfect one.   

Ben Afquack is now just over a year old and loves to follow Derek around, go on adventures, cuddle, and even perks up when he sees people he knows! 


Since he is so photogenic, it was easy for Derek to start an Instagram account that catalogued their travels and explorations.  

“A lot of the things we do, we do anyway, with or without social media," Derek said.

"We do things with him all the time and don’t even take pictures or anything. But then sometimes while we are doing something, the opportunity presents itself and we get a good shot out of it," he continued.

"Honestly, most of the ‘planned’ ones don’t end up turning out as well. We like to go on adventures, have some fun, have some laughs, and then kind of poke fun at Instagram a little bit to add to the fun! And it just kind of works!"

Since first finding out they have achieved a Guinness World Records title for most followers on Instagram for a duck, Ben and Derek have been itching to tell everyone and celebrate the news!  


When they first discovered they had broken the record, Derek celebrated by eating pizza... but Ben stuck to mealworms.  

Even though Ben has become insta-famous since posting his first few Instagram posts, Derek wants everyone to know that Ben is much more that just a tool to gain social media followers. 

“Pets are living creatures first and deserve love and a good life! They are not just a way to get Instagram followers or an accessory." 

"While they are rewarding and great to have, they are a commitment and a lot of work!"

"I love my pets like family, but it is important to be able to provide them with the life they deserve. If you are on the fence about it, get a plant first.” 

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