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The largest display of crochet sculptures is 58,917 items and was achieved in Chennai, India. But what is the name of the group who did it?

Mother India’s Crochet Enthusiasts

Mother India's Crochet Queens

Mother India’s Crochet Superstars

Mother India’s Crochettes

What is basic origami?

Folding paper to make shapes

Cutting paper to make shapes

Glueing and painting paper to make shapes

Cutting and folding paper to make shapes

Meet Pigcasso, the piggy artist who holds the record for the most expensive painting by an animal – sold for £20,276 ($26,898)! How does Pigcasso sign all of her paintings?

With her and her owner’s initials: P.J.

With her footprint

With her tongue

With her nose (snout)

This cozy craft involves the use of two needles and a ball of yarn…


Finger painting



The combination of which two colours makes green?

Red and blue

Yellow and blue

Red and yellow

Red and white

The largest origami dragon is 3.87 m (12 ft 8.75 in) long, 1.99 m (6 ft 6.5 in) high, and 1.2 m (3 ft 11.5 in) wide, achieved by Paul Frasco and Shrikant Iyer (both USA). Which of these similar creations is NOT a real record title?

Largest origami leopard

Largest origami whale

Largest origami snail

Largest origami monkey

The largest decorated Easter egg is 16.72 m (54 ft 10.3 in) tall and 10.88 m (35 ft 8.35 in) in diameter, created in Brazil. That is bigger than…

Three giraffes🦒🦒🦒

Half the size of the Earth 🌍

The Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest building 🏢

The Statue of Liberty 🗽

The world’s longest chain of paper dolls is made up of 45,282 hand-designed dolls, submitted by people from all over the world! To create a simple paper doll chain, what style of paper folding do you have to do?

Accordion/ concertina fold

Gate fold

Parallel map fold

Double fold

How many hours was the world’s longest painting marathon?

10 hours

24 hours

100 hours

1,024 hours

Which of these is a SECONDARY colour, and therefore results from the mixing of two primary colours?