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Ground-breaking, earth-shaking, world-changing science! Explore the latest STEAM records from the worlds of technology, engineering, construction and more. Find out how the tall the world's tallest robot is and how it works. Watch a man zoom through the air at 80 mph in a jet engine power suit. See what the world's smelliest plant looks like - and why it stinks so badly! And who knows, you might be the next inventor to break a record...

Record-breaking ROBOTS 🤖
LEGO train
Longest LEGO® train in the world!
youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion
Youngest person to achieve nuclear fusion
Largest humanoid vehicle
Largest whoopee cushion
Mantis -Largest-Rideable-Hexapod-thumbnail.jpg
Largest rideable hexapod
Jumpen the skipping penguin robot
Jumpen the skipping penguin robot
Watch this jet powered go-kart zoom
Science Bob Iron Man
Real life Iron Man suit - Science Explained
Records-breaking inventions of the future
Record-breaking Inventions of the Future!
Fastest robot to solve a Rubik's cube
Super spinning tops