Guinness World Records 2022 book with illustrations and gradient background


Take a look at the latest videos from Guinness World Records, from dogs doing a conga line to Rubik's cube juggling! We've got videos of all kinds of records from all over the world, including sport, animals, science, tech and a whole host of extraordinary and unusual records.
YouTubers Elena & Clara attempt a kids record!
fastest drummer
World's fastest drummer πŸ₯
10-year-old footballer breaks rebounder record
horizontal hula hoop
High-speed hula hooping SIDEWAYS
Leah Shutkever vs Christmas treats πŸ˜‹
xmas trees
World's most extreme Xmas trees πŸŽ„
ash watson
Gymnast FLIES and lands back flip
GWR day
GWR Day 2021: Super skills and sick tricks 🀩
cristian sabba criss cross
Cristian Sabba is the criss cross boss 😎
sashimi lollipop
Cat & dog besties ride scooter together 🐢😻
Lip balm collection
6-year-old Scarlett has over 3,000 lip balms πŸ‘„
kid eche
Amazing Kid Eche ️scores 3 new records
venus flytrap
This plant with teeth eats insects alive!
royal tyrrell museum
Record-breaking fossils at Royal Tyrrell Museum!
cartwheels no hands
Most cartwheels without hands!
Mya-Rose Craig: Birdgirl
Schoolgirl does spinning splits skydiving indoors!
Daiquiri the dog does the laundry!