Guinness World Records 2022 book with illustrations and gradient background


Take a look at the latest videos from Guinness World Records, from dogs doing a conga line to Rubik's cube juggling! We've got videos of all kinds of records from all over the world, including sport, animals, science, tech and a whole host of extraordinary and unusual records.
cartwheels no hands
Most cartwheels without hands!
Mya-Rose Craig: Birdgirl
Schoolgirl does spinning splits skydiving indoors!
man vs coconut
Man vs Coconut
Daiquiri the dog does the laundry!
Baby Jane
Baby Jane - world's oldest pig!
oldest man living
The oldest people in the world!
skipping Zorawar
The skipping king!
Barivel the longest cat
Longest cat in the world!
oldest penguin
Oldest living penguin
 amazing kid eche balancing ball on his head
Amazing Kid Eche
Longest Hot Wheels track
most followers on instagram for a duck
Most followers on Instagram for a duck
Bini the slam dunking bunny
Bini the slam dunking bunny
Longest tongue on a dog
Longest tongue on a dog!
Largest whoopee cushion
Largest gape