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Sonny Molina (USA) owns the world’s largest collection of finger puppets, with 1,517 unique items. But this isn’t his only record-breaking collection, as he also owns…

The largest collection of Pringles tubes

The largest collection of skull drinkware

The largest collection of salt and pepper sachets

All of the above

Val Kolpakov (USA) owns the world’s largest collection of toothpaste tubes, with 2,037 different tubes from all over the world! Can you guess his job?


Professional collector



Alina Gupta (India) holds the record for the largest collection of hairpins / hair clips with 1,124 items. Which of the following is NOT another word for a hair clip?

Hair slide


Hair bobble

Bobby pin

Bettina Dorfmann (Germany) owns the largest collection of Barbie dolls, with 18,500 unique items. What is Barbie’s motto?

Reimagining the way people come together

You can be Anything

Impossible in Nothing

Just do it

Brothers Jens Ishøy Prehn and Per Ishøy Nielsen (Denmark) own the largest collection of Pokémon cards in the world, consisting of 32,809 different cards. But what is the world’s most expensive Pokémon card, acquired by wrestler Logan Paul for $5,275,000?

PSA Grade 10 First Edition Jungle Set Vaporeon

PSA Grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator card

PSA Shining Charizard First Edition

Tropical Tidal Wave Promo card

Scarlett Ashley Cheng (Hong Kong) holds the record for the largest collection of lip balms with 3,388. Who shares her passion for lip balms and helped her collect them?

Her sister

Her teacher

Her uncle

Her neighbour

Antonio Romero Monteiro (USA) owns the largest collection of videogames, which consists of 24,268 items. But what is the name of the popular videogame where you can build structures like houses, castles, even cities?

League of Legends




The largest collection of snow globes is 4,059 and is owned by Wendy Suen (China). What character was portrayed in Disney’s first ever snow globe?


Mickey Mouse


Peter Pan

Florian Kastenmeier (Germany) owns the largest collection of rotating puzzles, which is 1,519. Even though he loves to collect the puzzles, Florian says he’s not particularly fast in solving them! Do you know what’s the fastest time in which a robot can solve a puzzle cube?

In 38 seconds

In 3.8 seconds

In 3 minutes and 8 seconds

In 0.38 seconds

The largest collection of LEGO sets is 6,005 owned by Miloš Křeček (Czechia). Where does Miloš store most of his LEGO sets?

In a museum

In his house

In a storage unit

In a shop where he sells them