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The world’s heaviest Jack-o'-lantern weighs 1,217.5 kg (2,684 lb 2 oz)! That’s as heavy as…

A giraffe 🦒

An elephant 🐘

A pig 🐷

Two cats 😺 😺

When do werewolves turn into wolves?

When there is a half moon

When there is a full moon

Only on Halloween

On their birthday

Stranger Things is a Netflix show about dark and mysterious supernatural forces. It holds the Guinness World Records title for…

Longest running TV show

First recorded sci-fi TV show

Scariest TV show

Most in-demand sci-fi drama TV show

Most spiders have 8…

Eyes and ears

Legs and mouths

Legs and eyes

Mouths and brains

Can you guess which world record is shown in this picture? 🧛

Largest gathering of people dressed as vampires

Largest Halloween gathering

Largest gathering of people dressed as characters from Twilight

Largest gathering of people dressed as Count Dracula

Why did people traditionally dress up in costumes for Halloween?

To scare their friends for fun

To hide from ghosts

To have competitions for the best costume

To celebrate the start of autumn

In 1716, John King became the world’s youngest pirate! His exact age is unknown, but it was somewhere between 8-11 years old. But which animal is often associated with pirates?

Parrot 🦜

Cat 🐈‍⬛

Bat 🦇

Spider 🕷️

Halloween was originally named…

Scary night

Night of fear

Ghost night


One of these 4 witch facts is FALSE:

Another name for a witch is sorcerer

A group of witches is called a coven

Their favourite animals are white cats

The name of a male witch is warlock

The world’s loudest scream ever (129 decibels) is louder than…

The trumpeting of an elephant 🐘

The howling of a wolf 🐺

A chainsaw 🪚

All of the above