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Praanvi from India was 7 years and 165 days old when she became the world’s youngest yoga instructor (female). The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit language – what does it mean?

To unite

To stretch

To relax

To dance

Abhimanyu Mishra from USA became the youngest chess Grandmaster when he was 12 years 145 days old. Which chess fact is NOT TRUE?

It was invented in India

It is a required school subject in Armenia

It was invented quite recently

There are more potential chess moves than atoms in the universe

DJ RINOKA from Tokyo, Japan was 6 years and 155 days old when she became the world’s youngest club DJ (female). What else does she like to do for fun?

Collecting insects


Hip-hop and jazz dancing

All of the above

Rafał Biros from Poland is the youngest person to discover a comet at 12 years 199 days old. A Comet is a ball of ice and dirt, orbiting the Sun, and another name for it is...

Shooting star

Dirty snowball

Space ball

Small planet

At the age of 4 years and 59 days, little Amatullah became the world’s youngest broadcast radio presenter. What is her show about?

Sports, fitness and the Olympics

Science, storytelling and poetry

Maths, chess and geometry

World records and how to break one

How old was Julian Pavone (USA) when he became the world’s youngest professional drummer?

1 year and 109 days

4 years and 319 days

10 years and 209 days

16 years and 9 days

Michael Khanh Artiaga became the world's youngest Tetris world champion at the age of 13 years 16 days. Which fact about him is NOT TRUE?

His gamer name is dogplayingtetris

He played against his older brother in the final

He won $3,000 from the 2020 Championship

He loved Tetris from the first time he played

What world records do these siblings hold?

Youngest guitarist (male) and opera singer (female)

Youngest person to publish a book series (male) and bilingual book series (female)

Youngest basketball players, male and female

First siblings to hold world heavyweight titles simultaneously

Aged 16 years and 39 days, Mia Brookes from UK became the youngest snowboarding world champion. But how old was she when she first tried snowboarding?

1.5 years old

3.5 years old

6.5 years old

12.5 years old

At 4 years and 236 days old, Mateo Lopez became the world’s youngest mariachi singer. Which famous singer and TV presenter did he record a song with?


Kelly Clarkson

Olivia Rodrigo

Harry Styles