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Our new kids book features the grossest, smelliest, weirdest and noisiest world records, as well as 10 DIY experiments and record challenges to try at home.

With an introduction written by British comedian and science boff Robin Ince, Science & Stuff is a whirlwind tour through our astounding, record-breaking world (and universe). Filled with spectacular superlatives, shocking stats, and educational activities, we’re examining record-breaking across physics, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and more!

Aspiring scientists, record-breakers and makers can check out sections on Space, Weird World (nature and biology), Awesome Inventions, Robots, Mad Science, It’s Alive! (the stinky and the gross, plus surreal experiments), and The Science of Guinness World Records - where we explain how some of our most well known record titles came about.

Readers can also put their scientific knowledge to the test in our interactive Make & Break chapter. Join our mad scientists Professor Burnaby Q Orbax and his trusty lab assistant Sweet Pepper Klopek as they take you through 10 exciting experiments which can then be used for official record attempts that can be performed at home or in class. From the Longest distance to stretch homemade slime in 30 seconds to the Greatest height to drop an egg without breaking it, it’s going to get messy!

Find out what it’s like to spend a year in space with NASA’s Dr. Peggy Whitson; which secrets lie within dino poop with George Frandsen; or what it’s like to ride a motorised toilet at highway speeds from invention mastermind, Colin Furze, as experts in the field also answer your burning questions.

The fun doesn’t end with the book. Kids can visit to access exclusive content including fun photos and quizzes and puzzles that test their scientific knowledge. Also, catch Professor Orbax and Sweet Pepper Klopek in action as they walk you through "how-to" tutorial videos which give tips and tricks for attempting the super cool record-breaking experiments featured in the book, including the marshmallow catapult, fruit batteries,and Mentos & soda car. After having a go, visitors can officially apply for the records to see if they’re a new Guinness World Records title holder too.