You’ve probably seen massive LEGO® creations before – but two teams have taken epic building to a whole other level this month!

To celebrate spring, LEGOLAND® Japan decided to make the Largest LEGO® brick cherry blossom tree (supported).

It is a whopping 4.38 metres tall, 5.42 metres long and 4.93 metres wide – and over 800,000 plastic bricks were used to build it!

Largest LEGO brick cherry blossom tree completed

It’s no easy feat making a record-breaking sculpture, as this one took more than 6,700 hours of hard work.

The pretty pink tree also features a set of lanterns (made of LEGO®, of course!), which light up during the evening.

Over in Hong Kong, a tourism company built a model of its enormous new ship out of more than 2.5 million LEGO® blocks!

The final thing weighed over 2,800 kg. That’s around the same as five grand pianos!

The front of the largest LEGO ship

1,000 people helped put the Largest LEGO® ship together over the course of two months.