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Tom Bagnall, from Cheadle, Staffordshire, managed a staggering speed of 112.29 mph (180.72 km/h) on CBBC's Officially Amazing, in York, UK, on 5 September 2017 and now his speed machine has made it into Guinness World Records 2019 "maker" pages.

The go-kart was designed and constructed by Andy Morris.

Though the zippy track time appeared smooth, getting to the record-breaking moment not always easy, as Tom explained.

"There's been quite a few up and downs along the journey, mainly things setting on fire, blowing up or exploding - it’s all a big learning curve."

Tom Bagnall - Fastest Jet Powered Go Kart

"Every time you step into that kart you're always slightly nervous. It's scary until you get into that seat and let go of the brake and plant the throttle."

As well as the jet-propelled go-kart, Tom has been working on creating many other wacky (and speedy!) vehicles.

"My speciality is making things go fast that should go fast - like mobility scooters and kayaks!"

Tom's obsession with creating things and speed started at a young age, when he found his mind wandering in the classroom before discovering engineering as an outlet which stimulated his mind and creativity.

What is Engineering? Engineering is when people use science and maths to create and maintain structures or machines.

"When I was growing up I was always into engineering and making things - it's always been my natural skill. I've been building all types of crazy contraptions from a young age; I've just got the bug for speed!"

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Tom’s big dreams of creating helped fuel his success.

"What I'd say to anyone is go for it, 100% in full pursuit, and do what you can to make your dreams work - if you dream big, you should do it.