This year, Guinness World Records 2022 highlights the challenge that we all face every day: rediscovering our bond with the environment! 🌳

There are lots and lots of little, every-day gestures we can do to create a healthier, happier Earth. 

Day by day, all together we can contribute to a better future not only for us, but for the animals and plants that we share the world with. 🌻🐸

most southernly climate protest group picture

Most southerly climate protest 🧭

We’re calling all the scientists of tomorrow! 

Did you know that in September 2019 astrophysicist Benjamin Eberhardt (Germany) organized a protest… in the South Pole?! 🥶

The most southerly climate protest was held at a freezing latitude and seven people attended it. 

They fought the extreme cold to remind us that we need to take better care of our planet. ⛄

largest tree hug

Largest tree hug 🌳

Have you ever hugged a tree? 👐

It doesn’t only reinforce our relationship with nature, but it also grants a beautiful sense of relaxation. 

In March 2017, a crowd of four thousand people tried the benefits of reinforcing their bond with nature... and gained a world record! 🔥

The largest tree hug event took place at JNTBGRI, Thiruvananthapuram, India. The eco-friendly title was achieved by 4,620 tree-huggers. 😲

Turkish ministry of agriculture with certificate

Most trees planted in one hour by a team 🌲

The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry achieved the world record for most trees planted in one hour by a team of unlimited size (single location) with an outstanding number of 303,150 trees planted! That’s a whole forest! 🌷

Deforestation is one of the biggest dangers to us and our planet. Trees create the oxygen that all animals on Earth breathe. We can't live without them. 🌳

According to a report from WWF, in 2019, the tropics lost close to 30 soccer fields worth of trees every 60 seconds. 

In the Amazon, around 17% of the entire forest has been lost in the last 50 years. 

We hope to see more records like this one in the future that can make a change and restore our planet's natural lungs! 🥰

plastic castle

Robert Bezeau: The Plastic King 👑

Living in a castle sounds great, but… what about a castle made of plastic? ⭐

The four-storey castle constructed by "The Plastic King" Robert Bezeau (Canada) in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, has everything: four guest rooms, a feasting area, a tower and a viewing platform on the top!

But it's the material that makes it unique. This eco-friendly mansion is made from a whopping 40,000 recycled plastic bottles. It broke the record for the largest castle made from plastic. 👀

The structure is part of an ecological Plastic Bottle Village, which features many other homes built from the same discarded materials. 

Would you live here? 🤴👸

Largest recycled plastic sculpture supported

Largest recycled plastic sculpture (supported) 🐳

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium in San Francisco, USA, you’ll see a majestic sculpture of a blue whale.

It represents, in fact, the largest recycled plastic sculpture (supported) in the world! 🤯

The creation measures 25.89 m (84 ft 11.6 in) long, 8.07 m (26 ft 5.8 in) wide and 4.2 m (13 ft 9.6 in), just like a life-sized blue whale. 

Every nine minutes 300,000 lb of plastic – that is to say, the weight of a blue whale – makes its way into the ocean. 🌊

With their work, local artists Joel Dean Stockdill and Yustina Salnikova highlighted the problem of ocean plastic pollution. 🐳

Changemakers banner

Take action! 🦋

We can all help our planet through small acts every day. 

The activists and environmental heroes of tomorrow are born from a daily effort, no matter how small, to respect the environment. 

That's why we joined forces with Earthwatch to create play activities to help you get more involved with the habitat around you and the many ways we can protect it. 

And the best thing? We can have fun while having a positive impact.

Learn how to become a changemaker with Earthwatch in Guinness World Records 2022 and discover your world through fun activities! 

Get to know the habitat surrounding you, with the animals and vegetation that populate it. You could even break a world record in the process! 💪

Take the Epic Eco Quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about our environment