Brazilian skateboarding Gui Khury Young Achiever

Dreams come true when you have the courage to pursue them. 🤩

This is how young Brazilian skateboarder, Gui Khury, managed to achieve three world records for the first skateboard '1080' on a vertical ramp, youngest X Games athlete and youngest X Games gold medallist (male) within three years.  

The talented 12-year-old has made history around the world and is celebrated in the young achiever's section of Guinness World Records 2022. 

Gui Khury with gwr book

Gui's skateboarding journey began when he was a toddler. His father, Ricardo Khury, exposed him to this sport and took him to skateboard parks to practice. 🛹️

At the age of four, Gui began training at the Y.M.C.A. in Encinitas, California, and by the age of five, he dropped in on halfpipes, while vaulting above the lip of the vertical ramp at high speeds. 😲

While visiting the United States, he met well-known skaters from all over the world who inspired him to continue his practice and taught him impressive tricks that would ultimately lead to his incredible skills.  

"I love flying high and doing maneuvers while I'm in the air. That's why I love the ramp called the Mega Ramp, but my favorite is the vertical ramp. I also love making friends and competing,” says Gui. 


In 2019, Gui was invited to participate in the X Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At 10 years and 225 days old, he became the youngest X Games athlete ever😎

Gui's discipline and courage, along with his enormous talent, turned his passion into a dream come true. His father was present as Gui executed a 1080, a nearly impossible move of three complete vertical spins. Gui conquered his second world record title, achieving the first skateboard '1080' on a vertical ramp, on May 1, 2020. 

Gui then moved on to his most recent and third title for being the youngest X Games gold medalist (male). His talent earned him the Skate Vert Best Trick award at age 12 years and 210 days at the 2021 X Games held in Vista, California, USA on July 16, 2021. 🏆


He is continuing to practice to perform even more challenging tricks. Now, he is training to achieve a successful 1260 (which consists of three and a half rotations in the air). 😵

Throughout this journey, Gui's parents continue to be his biggest supporters. They built a training center called Greenbox in Campo Largo, Paraná, so that Gui could train and improve his technique, especially during the pandemic’s quarantine period.

When he is not skateboarding, Gui likes to spend his time surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and playing soccer. ️⚽️🏄

He has become an inspiration for people who seek to achieve their goals by following their passions with discipline and determination. Gui hopes to inspire other people to believe in their dreams and do what they truly love. 


We wish him the best of luck as he continues to influence the world through sports and his next attempt for a fourth Guinness World Records title! 😄