12-year-old Eric Klabel from Napervillede, Illinois (USA) has built the world’s tallest ice lolly (popsicle) stick structure! 🍦👅

Think of all the ice lollies he's had to eat to be able to break this record!

 Eric was inspired by projects that his dad had built.

Measuring a height of 6.157 m (20.20 ft), his record-breaking tower is now a project that can be seen from a distance - as well as one to make his dad proud!

Eric wanted to break a record after seeing a video on the Guinness World Records social channels. 

Knowing his skills and talent for popsicle stick sculpting, he knew this was the perfect craft for his very first attempt.  


 Eric decided to build his record-breaking structure in the shape of a pyramid, to ensure a strong supported framework. 

“To make the tower I had to build the same three feet long vertical structure many times, which got very repetitive, though it was still very fun to see it getting taller and taller.” 

One of his favourite moments during the attempt was stepping away from his hard work and admiring the height of his creation. 

To Eric, seeing his hard work pay off was super rewarding!

Eric has been making creations out of popsicle sticks for a while. His work includes the tallest ice lolly (popsicle) stick structure, of course, a motorized car, boat, box and even a marble run. 


In his earlier years, he first started his forming shapes with wooden ice cream sticks.  

One of his most impressive sculptures includes a popsicle chair that was actually usable! 

Another included a replica of a house that included lights, furniture, and other household items - all made of wooden sticks. 


Now before Eric has even become a teenager, he can boast about having an official record title.  

“I felt accomplished and grateful when I became a Guinness World Records title holder. I was so happy that I was able to get to this point. My favorite thing about achieving the record was that I was able to be known for something I am passionate about.” 

Eric’s advice to aspiring popsicle builders is to remember that popsicle sticks are just a bunch of wooden sticks, but when you put in the effort, assemble them in the right place, you can have something incredible.