This big kitty is the world’s oldest living tiger in captivity. 🐯

Her name is Bengali and she’s 25 years 319 days old. She resides at the Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary in Tyler, Texas, USA. 

Tigers normally live 15-20 years in captivity and only about 12 years in the wild. Bengali is halfway through her roaring 20s and shows no signs of slowing down! 😺


Bengali enjoys:

  • Eating food 🥩
  • Bathing in the pool 🛀
  • Cat naps in the shade 😴
  • Talking to her caretakers 😸
  • Eating more food! 🥩🥩🥩

Bengali loves to eat popsicles on a hot day. But they aren’t the kind of popsicles you’re probably used to – tiger popsicles are made of blood

That might sound gross, but tigers love them. Tigers are carnivores, meaning they can only digest meat. So for Bengali, her diet is all meat all the time!

Did you know? 🧐
Tigers are the largest of all the big cats and can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour!


Bengali was a bit shy when she first came to the sanctuary, but now she's a lot more comfortable. 😻

She likes to relax in her yard area - it’s purr-fect for afternoon naps and sunbathing. 

There’s trees for climbing and logs for her to scratch her claws on. There's also a pool so the animals can go swimming during the hot Texan summer. 🌞

Bengali even receives her meal on a silver plate – how fancy!

Did you know? 🧐
No two tigers have the same stripes – every tiger has a unique pattern on their fur! 🐅


Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary are very excited to have Bengali the record-breaking tiger as part of their family.  

"We are extremely honored and very proud to know we have the oldest living tiger in captivity. We care deeply for every animal at Tiger Creek, and keeping Bengali healthy and happy for so many years is an incredible accomplishment." - Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary 

Bengali was donated to the sanctuary in 2000. 

Tigers are an endangered species. An animal is endangered when there are so few left alive on the planet that the entire species is in danger of disappearing forever.

"Every animal saved is one more chance to keep their species on this world, and every one is a gift to us, the planet, and our future."


Bengali is looking forward to celebrating her 26th birthday next month, on the 31st of August. We’re wishing her an early happy birthday! 🥳️