Flossie looking and sleeping

Whether you are a dog or a cat person, this story is simply a-meow-zing. 😻

Just before turning 27 years old, Flossie (UK) has officially received the Guinness World Records title of oldest living cat.

Now, Flossie might still look like a cute little kitty, and is just as playful as one, but she’s actually very old for a cat.

In fact, she is 26 years 329 days old – that’s approximately 120 in human years!


Even though she is now deaf and has lost some of her sight, Flossie is still very healthy overall.

She is beautiful, kind and she loves cuddles. ❤️

Flossie has lived in many homes. Her current owner, Vicki, says that she is still playful and curious and, despite being partially blind, can quickly adapt to change! 

Her favourite activities include purring and napping by Vicky’s side, curled in her favourite yellow blanket, or enjoying a nice, big bowl of food. 🤤

"She never turns her nose up at the chance of a good meal," Vicki says. 


Flossie and owner

Flossie’s story

She was handed to Cats Protection (a UK charity) in August 2022, when she became homeless after over 26 years of happiness…

The decision to give her away was taken by her owner entirely in the interest of the cat, as he was no longer able to give her all the care, love and attention she deserved

That, of course, doesn’t mean that it was an easy decision. 

"He sought our help when it was in Flossie’s best interests. Responsible cat ownership is when someone thinks about an animal’s needs above their feelings." says Naomi Rosling at Cats Protection.

Now, because most cat owners prefer the idea of adopting a much younger cat, it seemed very unlikely for her to find a new home. 🏠

Flossie, however, was lucky!

Flossie with eyes open looking

Before too long, she found her new mum, Vicki Green. 

A loving fur mum with experience caring for older cats, Vicki had no idea she would welcome into her house a record holder!

"She was loud for the first few nights because she can’t see in the dark and was a bit confused in her new surroundings, but she sleeps through the night now, snuggled on the bed with me," she says.

"If I’m in such good shape when I'm her age with someone who does what’s best for me when I need it most, I shall be a very happy lady." - Vicki Green

Flossie's owner holding certificate

Flossie is now a very happy cat! She only needs three things to keep her content:

  • her new favourite yellow blanket
  • a warm bed 🛏️
  • loads of love and cuddles!

We wish them all the best, and we look forward to seeing Flosse’s next adventures. ❤️

In the meantime, we’re happy to see her forming a very special bond with Vicky, her new family!


Flossie being petted

Flossie sleeping