Have you ever built anything cool with LEGO®

This Saturday (28 January) is International LEGO® Day, and what better way to celebrate than by building something of your own? 

Before you start, you might want to look at the 10 best LEGO® records of all time to get inspired! 👇 

Oh, and if you’re an aspiring record breaker under 16, you’d better stick around until the end of this list. 😉 

Most carriages in a toy train  

The most carriages in a toy train record were achieved by Alexander Blong from New Zealand, and it’s a massive 101. 🤯 

And the most impressive part? Alexander is only 14 years old

When we asked him about how members of the public reacted to his train, Alexander explained: "Some of the people that turned up knew about what it was, but a lot of them had no idea […]. Earlier in the day the radio had advertised the GWR attempt and when it was taking place, so lots of people turned up, rather excited to see what was going to happen!” 

LEGO largest brick skeleton

Largest LEGO® brick skeleton 

This LEGO® build was made from 80,020 pieces and is 6 metres long (20 feet)! 🦖 

It took Nathan Sawaya from USA a whole summer to build it but, as he said, it was all worth it because he did it “in honour of the thousands of children who enjoy the art of LEGO® building”. ❤️ 

Largest LEGO brick ship

 Largest LEGO® ship  

If you thought a skeleton built using 80,020 pieces was cool… how about this ship made from 2.5 MILLIONLEGO® blocks?! 

This amazing record was achieved by Dream Cruises to mark the launch of its World Dream ship – an enormous, luxury cruise ship. 🚢

Tallest structure built with LEGO bricks

Tallest LEGO® Tower 

If the “largest” LEGO® builds weren’t impressive enough, how about the tallest structure built with LEGO® bricks? 🤩 

Around 550,000 bricks were used to build this 35.05 metres (114 ft 11 in) tall tower in Italy, by Lego Italia. 

That is around the same height as a 12-storey building

LEGO largest display outsized superheroes

Largest display of outsized LEGO® brick sculptures of superheroes 

Remember Nathan Sawaya from earlier? 

Well, he is a serial record breaker. 💪 

He also built all these LEGO® superheroes to break another super-awesome record! 🦸 

There is a total of 11 sculptures: Aquaman, Cyborg, Diana Prince, Flash, Green Lantern, Krypto, Wonder Woman, as well as two different sculptures of both Superman and Batman. 

Which one is your favourite? 

hand solo wearing lego prosthetic arm

First functional LEGO® prosthetic arm 

His name is David Aguilar, but he’s better known as ‘Hand Solo’.  

He was born without a right forearm, so he used his creativity and ingenuity to design and build his own fully functioning prosthetic arm using bricks of LEGO®

All that at the age of nine years old. 🤯 

Now, David makes affordable prosthetics for those who cannot afford the fitting and maintenance of a traditional prosthetic. ❤️ 

Fastest time to build the LEGO® Star Wars Millennium Falcon micro fighter

Fastest time to build the LEGO® Star Wars Millennium Falcon micro fighter 

The following records are all about speed, starting with the fastest time to build the LEGO® Star Wars Millennium Falcon micro fighter

This one was broken by Haddon Haste, a 12-year-old from USA who managed to build the whole thing in 1 min 59 sec

In our eyes, Haddon is the real fighter. ✊ 

lego world map

Fastest time to build the LEGO® World Map 

Now, 9 hours 14 minutes and 49 seconds doesn’t exactly sound like a ‘fast’ record…  

But have you ever tried building an entire LEGO® world map in one sitting?! 

14-year-old Cooper Wright from USA did it and is now a proud record breaker thanks to his talent, patience and hard work

Fastest time to build the LEGO® Titanic 

Another LEGO® genius, 15-year-old Sebastian Haworth, used over 9,000 pieces to build the Titanic ship in just 8 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds!  

What an inspiration. 👏 

lego tower under 16

Fastest time to stack a 20 brick right angle LEGO® tower (Under 16s) 

Are you under 16 and a big LEGO® fan? 

Here is a challenge for you. 

Try breaking 14-year-old Eliah Mezler’s amazing record by stacking a 20 brick right angle tower in under 16.68 seconds! 😎 

Find all the information and guidelines here and… good luck