Have you ever done yoga before? 🧘

If you haven’t, get ready…

You are about to have your first ever class by non-other than the world’s youngest certified yoga instructor!

Her name is Praanvi Gupta, and she broke the record at just 7 years and 165 days of age. 🤯

🔎What is yoga?

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit language and it means “union”.

It is a 5,000-years-old form of exercise that combines stretching, breathing and relaxation of the mind.🧘

Interesting, right?

Keep reading to discover Praanvi’s fascinating story. 👇

youngest yoga instructor female practicing yoga at home

Praanvi’s story

Little Praanvi is from India and currently lives in Dubai with her family.

She fell in love with yoga when she was just 3.5 years old. ❤️

It all started with Praanvi observing her mother practise yoga at home and her trying to copy the various yoga poses. Soon enough, she started doing yoga on her own!

After she started sharing her yoga knowledge with her friends and family, Praanvi and her parents decided that it would be fun to share her journey with more people around the world.

So, she started a YouTube channel called Learning with Praanvi! 🎥

youngest yoga instructor female yoga pose at home

When she turned 7, Praanvi was enrolled in yoga classes at the Vedic Yoga Centre to attend during her school breaks.

But, her passion was so strong that she wanted to become a teacher herself, so she could spread the love of yoga to as many people as possible! 😍

That September, she joined the batch of Yoga Teachers Training Program.

As Praanvi explained: “This journey was not an easy one, because of my regular school which was also ongoing.

But, with great support from my teachers and parents, I’m happy that I successfully completed and passed the qualification exam of Yoga Teachers Training Course!”.

praanvi gupta yoga ceremony

Her teacher, Dr Seema Kamath, commented: “Praanvi […] turned out to be one of the brightest students I have ever met at this age. [She] has been very enthusiastic student with a calm mind and willingness to learn.” 

Her teachers and Gurus, Dr Vincent Earth Kottayil and Dr Soorya, are both extremely proud of Praanvi!

With her focus, determination and passion, she made her dream of becoming a yoga teacher come true… and broke a world record too. 😎

Her advice to other kids is: “Dream big and believe in yourself!” 💪

Learn Yoga with Praanvi

If you think Praanvi’s story was inspiring, you should see her in action!

Her knowledge and enthusiasm will blow you away.

praanvi gupta yoga teaching

If you think you might be interested in the philosophy of yoga, or even if you’re just curious to see what all the fuss is about…

Then you should definitely watch this first class for beginners that Praanvi recorded just for you 👇

We wish Praanvi all the best, and we are sure she will continue to achieve great things. ✨

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