split image of children making paper

Did you know you can make paper out of PANDA POOP?! 🐼💩

In fact, 369 Chinese schoolkids have set a record for the largest animal faeces paper making lesson... yes, really.

The kids, aged 6-15, attempted the record at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, a marine mammal park and oceanarium - and they had so much fun doing it!

The poo used for the lesson was all collected in the early morning from both of Ocean Park’s pandas. An adult panda can produce more than 10 kg (22 lb) of faeces per day... 😳

That weighs MORE than the largest bowling ball you will find at the alley. 🎳

Now that's a cool fact to share with your friends at school!

And now, keep reading to find out the process of making this unique paper...

Led by Mr Yip, an expert on panda poo, the students began the lesson by putting on rubber gloves and shredding recycled waste paper.

Ordinarily, the shredded paper would then be soaked for 8 hours, but to expedite the lesson, the students were given pre-soaked paper pulp for the next step.

Schoolchildren at a table making paper

The panda poo, which had been sterilized at 120°C, was mixed with the paper pulp, poured into a plastic tray, then mixed with water.

After stirring the pulp by hand, students used sieves to extract the fibre sediment, which was used to form the recycled paper. ♻️

A roller was then used to press away any excess water, before the sieve was inverted to tip out the finished product.

Last step? The students decorated their papers however they liked before leaving them to dry!

And voila! The special, environmentally friendly paper made out of poop is ready. 😆

Girls using sieves to extract fibre from paper pulp

According to Ocean Park’s Yan Man Ling, the “BamPoo Paper Craft” lesson was a “groundbreaking activity centred around the transformative power of unconventional material in papermaking.

“This activity promotes environmental awareness and motivates students to take part in environmental causes,” he said.

“Students are encouraged to become creative thinkers who push the boundaries of conservation and sustainability.”

Does this story inspire you to find new creative ways to help save the environment? 🌎

Students instructor and adjudicator posing for photo

🔎 Did you know...

Chinese firms have been turning panda poo into tissue paper for years, though the industrial recycling process is actually a 60-step process.

Also, the pandas' poop made of fibre-rich bamboo waste is perfect for making paper...

That is because, during digestion, pandas extract the fructose and separate the fibres from the plant, which are essential steps in paper production. 🧑‍🔬

Who knew that saving the planet could be so much fun! 😜