We’re only halfway through 2024, and yet we’ve already seen SO MANY iconic world records get broken! 🤩

In case you missed them, here are some of the must-see records of the year so far…


Longest hair

Meet Aliia Nasyrova from Ukraine! She has the longest hair in the world, measuring an incredible 257.33 cm (8 ft 5.3 in)

She washes her hair once a week, which takes about 30 minutes and, if she uses a special hair mask, it can take up to 2 more hours!

But the hardest part is drying it…

Which can take up to 24 hours because she prefers not to use heat. 💇‍♀️

Aliia hopes her story will inspire you to love your true self. She says: “I hope my story will inspire readers to love their natural beauty. I am a painter and I believe that every person is beautiful, even if they look ‘different’.”

Don’t you agree? 🥰

Oldest man

John Alfred Tinniswood from England is the oldest living man ON THE PLANET! 🌎

He was born on 26 August 1912.

Can you calculate his age? 🤔

He is 111 years old!

Did you get it right?

John Tinniswood with his GWR certificate

Born in Liverpool, John has lived a full and exciting life. He served in the Army Pay Corps during World War II, had a daughter with his wife Blodwen, and worked in accounts until he retired in 1972. 

He is now a great-grandfather and he lives in a care home in the seaside town of Southport! 🌊

When asked about the secret to his long life, John said, “Pure luck!”

In March, we also celebrated the 117th birthday of the world’s oldest living woman, Maria Branyas Morera. 

Isn’t that amazing?!

Largest tongue circumference

2 amazing records have been set this year by people who can… ‘inflate’ their tongues! 🤯

Sacha Feiner from Belgium has the world’s largest tongue circumference at 17 cm (6.69 in). Meanwhile, Jenny DuVander from the USA holds the women’s record with a tongue circumference of 13.25 cm (5.21 in).

Sacha having tongue measured

Sacha says it doesn’t hurt when he expands his tongue, but just like any other muscle, it does get tired after a couple of minutes.

Can you ‘inflate’ your tongue?

Give it a try! 

Fastest 10 metres on a skateboard by a cat

The list wouldn’t be complete without an animal record, and this one is truly iconic. 😼

Meet Bao Zi, the American Shorthair cat that made history by showing off his incredible skateboarding skills! 🛹

He recently broke the record for the fastest 10 metres on a skateboard by a cat in the jaw-dropping time of just 12.85 seconds.

See him in action:

Bao Zi is just 1 year and 8 months old, but already a superstar. 🥹

Greatest height difference of a married couple

Last but not least, lovebirds Jessica Burns-McDonnell and Larry McDonnell hold the title of greatest height difference in a married couple with the woman being taller.

So how tall are they exactly, you ask?

Well, Jessica is 177.8 cm (5 ft 10 in), an inch taller than the average American man. Larry, who has diastrophic dwarfism, stands at 91.44 cm (3 ft).

Can you figure out their height difference?

Jessica is 86.36 cm (2 ft 9 in) taller than Larry!

Did you guess correctly?

larry and jessica pose with their certificate

They first met in elementary school and married in December 2006, just 6 months after they started dating. Now, they have 4 kids together!

Jessica says: “For me, if you’re so busy focusing on the outside, you’re probably not focusing on what’s really important and that’s who the person is on the inside.” 

We couldn’t agree more! ❤️