💃 2023 Iconic Records 🤩

How many of these iconic records of 2023 do you know?

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Famous YouTuber Airrack and Pizza Hut came together to create the world’s largest pizza, so huge that they cut over 68,000 slices! What was the topping they used?





This is Rocky, a 9-year-old male boxer. Can you guess his iconic record?

Loudest bark by a dog

Tallest dog living

Longest tongue on a living dog

Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog

This is Praanvi, the world’s youngest yoga instructor (female)! She was 7 years and 165 days old when she broke the record. Where is Praanvi from?





Peanut is a record-breaking chicken! What record title does she hold?

Most tricks performed by a chicken (8)

Prettiest chicken

Smallest chicken (350 grams)

Oldest living chicken (20 years and 272 days)

The talented contortionist Sofia Tepla holds 2 records: most contortion roll push-ups in 30 seconds (21) and fastest time to travel 20 m in a contortion roll (10.49 seconds). What else does Sofia like to do for fun?

Make jewellery

Play board games

Make pancakes

All of the above

At the age of 4 years and 59 days, little Amatullah became the world’s youngest broadcast radio presenter. What is her show called?

The Amatullah show

The Kids show

The Midnight show

The ‘Tell me about it’ show

Can you guess what record title Pearl holds?

Cutest dog living

Most fabulous dog

Shortest dog living

Richest dog ever

With 3 record titles, Simeon Graham is the ‘King of the Juggle’ at just 15 years old. What is the most balls Simeon can juggle?





Two iconic hair records were broken by teenagers this year… What are they?

Widest wig and longest wig

Largest afro (male) and longest hair on a male teenager

Highest hairstyle and longest hair on a male teenager

Largest afro (male) and longest wig

Using around 143,000 playing cards – and zero tape or glue – Arnav officially created the world’s largest playing card structure! How long did it take him to complete?

41 days

7 days

15 hours

318 days