Laura Biondo: Football champion

Laura is a football freestyle star from Venezuela who holds multiple world records. ⚽ 

She has also performed for Cirque du Soleil 🎪 and one of her goals is to encourage more women to participate in football.

Laura is a great example of what determination and hard work can bring when you put your heart, mind and soul into making your dreams come true!

How it all started…

Laura has been playing football since she was 10 years old, but she was inspired to take the sport more seriously after seeing her brother Pier play. 

Growing up together they shared the same passion, and he motivated and inspired her to follow her dream! ❤️

She was born in Venezuela, but has lived most of her life in the USA and Italy, where she played professionally for Italy’s major soccer team.

She has participated in international events and competitions. 🏆

"It won’t magically happen overnight but if you put in all your hard work, you will reach your end goal soon."

- Laura Biondo

Her mission...

When she started, there were only 5 girls doing freestyle in the world!

That meant that she mostly competed against boys. 😎

15 years ago, when Laura decided to go professional, women’s football was still widely considered an amateur sport and didn’t receive anywhere near as much attention as men’s football... 

That’s why she has made it a personal mission to change things! 💪

“Seeing women travel the world today to compete in various championships and getting the respect and recognition they deserve, makes me very happy,” she told us.

laura posed with certificate holding soccer ball

Her achievements

Laura has bagged multiple medals from competing in freestyle competitions. 🏅 🏅 🏅

Famous for her super skills, she also became one of the ambassadors of Guinness World Records Day 2021. Here are some of her records:

  • Most sit-down football crossovers in 30 seconds (female) – 62
  • Most double around the world ball control tricks in one minute (female) - 24
  • Most football touches with the head in one minute (female) – 206 
  • Most football (soccer) head rolls in 30 seconds – 20 

Over the years, some of Laura’s records have been broken by others, but she is unusually positive about this: “It makes me so happy to know that other girls have beaten my record. 

"I hope to see more female freestylers succeed. I will be happy to assist them in making that happen if I can!”

Would you attempt breaking one of Laura’s records?

Find out more about Laura’s amazing records in Guinness World Records 2024, available now.

"Patience is the key. Be consistent and disciplined and you will see the results. It’s a process that takes time."

- Laura Biondo