Lucky Diamond Rich: Most tattooed man

Meet Lucky Diamond Rich.

Not only does he swallow swords, juggle chainsaws and ride a ten-foot unicycle, but he’s also the world’s most tattooed person living (male).

Every inch of Lucky’s body has been tattooed – twice!

Lucky's first tattoo

Born in 1971, in Brisbane, Australia, Lucky’s birth name was Greg Paul McLaren.

Lucky got his first tattoo at the age of 16. He didn’t want his mother to find out, so he got a small tattoo of a juggling club on his hip. 

"Just one tattoo at a time I guess, that’s how everyone does it," said Lucky.

A whole two years passed before Lucky got his next tattoo, but after that, Lucky said, “I got regularly tattooed as much as I could." 😁

In total, Lucky has spent over 1,000 hours, or 41 days, having every inch of his body tattooed. That’s right, any body part you can think of, Lucky has a tattoo there.

After getting so many tattoos, Lucky eventually ran out of room on his body. The solution? Cover his entire body again with new tattoos!

 “I’ve had more than one layer of ink and in some areas it’s three or four layers," Lucky revealed.

"How many tattoos do I have? I have one, and it’s the biggest one on the planet."

- Lucky Diamond Rich


Lucky joined the circus in 2007. He travelled all around the world, turning heads wherever he went. 🎪

Explaining his name, he said:

"I guess I’m lucky by nature; to be able to juggle a chainsaw, to be able to swallow swords, ride a ten-foot unicycle." 🍀

 "Diamond came about because my friends call me a bit of a rough diamond, and Rich because I’m rich in spirit." 💎

"I’m no different to anyone else, I’m just heavily tattooed."

- Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky charm

As you can imagine, people are often surprised when they first see Lucky. 😲

“Everyone’s different in how they react. It’s like the weather; you can’t predict it and you can’t control it; you just sort of deal with it as it comes,” he said.

Most people are amazed by Lucky’s appearance, although he does get some negative comments. 

“I don’t really get my self-esteem from what others think of me. I like myself today.”

Lucky remembers reading the Guinness World Records books when he was a child – before all the tattoos – and he is so happy to now be in the book himself. 😀

After becoming a record holder, Lucky feels even more lucky than usual because he has gained lots of fans. Many people – especially children – now recognize Lucky in public and ask to take a photo with him. 📷