Marawa Ibrahim: Super-hooper

Everything Marawa Ibrahim does, she does with love. ❤️️

Marawa is changing the world’s view on hula hoops one hip-shake at a time, never forgetting to make friends along the way! 💃😃

Marawa the Amazing

“Conquer the world with hoops!” is Marawa’s battle cry. 😆

Marawa Ibrahim, better known as Marawa the Amazing, is taking over the world with her athletic abilities and contagious enthusiasm. 😄

Marawa always knew she wanted to be a performer like her heroes, so she went to circus school to learn how. 🎪

Marawa specialized in Swinging Trapeze, but she knew that hoops – with their fun and versatility – were her true calling.

People once told Marawa she didn’t have what it takes to be a performer. It’s a good thing she didn’t listen to them, because now Marawa is a multi-talented superstar and the author of The Girl Guide – a book all about girl power.

Best of all, Marawa has eight records under her belt (or hoop!).

The most iconic, perhaps, is the most hula hoops spun simultaneously – rotating 200 hoops at the same time! 😵


Around the world 🌎

Marawa’s performances bring the wow factor into wherever she appears. 🤩

During her career, Marawa has travelled the world, performing, teaching, and showing people the beauty of hula hooping as both a sport and an art form. 

“I trained in a range of circus skills, but I knew my future was with hoops — super portable, super fun and anyone could get involved, any age, anywhere in the world with just a little bit of practice.”

As well as her world-famous record for spinning 200 hula hoops at the same time, Marawa also knows what it takes to go the distance with her hoop skills. 😎

On 1 Feb 2017, she ran the fastest mile hula hooping – 8 min 0.4 sec – in Venice, California, USA.


I love teaching. I love performing. I love working on interesting projects. Most of all I LOVE making new friends all over the world. My postcard game is epic.

- Marawa Ibrahim

On a record-breaking roll...

Always ready for a new challenge, Marawa took her routines to another level (literally) with high-heeled roller skates! She broke even more records with them:

  • longest duration on high-heeled roller skates while spinning three hula hoops: 2 min 29 sec on 17 Jul 2014
  • farthest distance on high-heeled roller skates while spinning eight hula hoops: 43.20 m (141 ft 8 in) on 8 Jul 2014 
  • fastest 100 m on high-heeled roller skates: 26.10 sec on 10 Aug 2013

Marawa's Got Talent

You may have seen Marawa hooping or skating (or both!) on your TV screen over the years. With her amazing talents, it won’t come as a surprise that she has been successful on lots of talent shows.

  • Arabs Got Talent – 3rd place 🥉
  • Britain’s Got Talent – reached the semi-final 👏
  • America’s Got Talent - reached the semi-final 😃

Being a part of the Guinness World Records family is like being a member of a ‘superpower club'

- Marawa the Amazing

Marawa's Majorettes

To help spread the magic of hoops in the world, Marawa created her very own team of glittering hoop artistes: the Majorettes! 

To be a Majorette you need to have serious skills and practice a lot, but most of all you just need to love performing and having fun! 😁

Just like Marawa, this team of super hoopers are in it for the win and have broken a variety of records. In 2017, they set two team records:

• Most passes of a hula-hoop by the feet in one minute: 26

• Most hula hoops spun simultaneously by a team: 299 (now broken)

Do you have what it takes to be a Majorette? 


Marawa's Majorettes

As she travels the world on her glamorous high-heeled roller skates, conquering it one hula-hoop at a time, Marawa makes people smile everywhere she goes. 😊

Marawa is proof that with passion, preparation and – most importantly - fun, all your dreams can come true.

Marawa the Amazing appears in Guinness World Records 2022 - you can find her on page 108!

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