Alexa Lauenburger

Age: 13

Home country: Germany

Special skill: Dog whisperer

I’m Alexa and I just love dogs! They’re so cute but also intelligent, and I really enjoy teaching them tricks and routines. 🐶💖

I have three Guinness World Records titles AND won Das Supertalent (Germany’s equivalent of Britain's Got Talent) with my eight pooches! 


🐶 My records 🐶

  • Fastest 5 m backwards by a dog (now broken)

  • Most dogs in a conga line

  • Fastest time to jump 5 hurdles on hind legs by a dog 


Where it all started

I was five when I started training dogs, although I started giving commands to the dogs when I was just one year old. 👶

I just told them to get into a box and they did what I said! 😄

My family have 13 dogs in total! 😲

They’re are with them 24 hours a day

When I come home from school, I eat something quickly and then go to the dogs. Then I do my homework and go back to them.

There aren’t certain breeds that are better than others. It’s all about the individual dog’s character. Some are lazy, some are quirky; some really want to learn and others don’t.

Alexa Lauenberger

Alexa performing on Britain's Got Talent

Performing with my dogs

Like I said earlier, I won Das Supertalent back in 2017 when I was nine. But I’ve also appeared on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions and America’s Got Talent: Champions.

The big challenge of performing with dogs in a studio in front of an audience is making sure that every trick really works and that I can entertain people. Usually I get really nervous, but when I do then the dogs do as well. 

1️⃣My number-one tip for budding animal trainers1️⃣

It’s really important when teaching a new trick that you match it to the dog’s personality!

I’m really proud that my dogs have so many records. When we got home, they all got a reward!


My plans for the future

 My plan for the future is to invent more tricks and teach them to my dogs.  

I really hope I get more shows because I ❤️ love ❤️ to perform and I know that my dogs do as well. 

Another thing I’m really clear on – when I’m older, I want to open a dog school. 🏫🐶🤓

alexa with three certificate looking off camera