Chinonso Eche

Age: 13

Home country: Nigeria 

Special skill: Football ⚽


I’m football freestyler Chinonso Eche! Or, you may know me as Amazing Kid Eche. I love football, especially cool football freestyle tricks.

Where it all started 

I’ve loved soccer for as long as I can remember. When I was around four years old, I used to love playing with every round object, even my father’s cups! 🥤 I started freestyle soccer at the age of eight.

🤩My fave freestylers: 🤩

  • Lionel Messi 
  • Ronaldinho

That’s because they usually apply their freestyle skills while playing on the pitch and that’s what I do too. I’m a midfielder and usually wear a number 8 or 10 shirt. 👕

Chinonso Most consecutive football soccer touches in one minute

My record is for the most consecutive football (soccer) touches in one minute while balancing a football on the head with 111 touches 🥳

This record required lots of practise and perfecting my technique. It also required a great deal of balance!

An easy football freestyle trick for beginners:

  1. First learn how to juggle a ball with both feet
  2. Try then using your knee too
  3. Then try balancing the ball on your back

It’s a dream come true to become the youngest Nigerian in the Guinness World Records book. My family was very proud of me.

Chinonso Eche

Preparing for my record attempt

Once the date was fixed I stepped up my programme, increasing my juggling speed in order to beat the one minute deadline. ⏱️

There wasn’t any point where I wanted to give up, or felt like the record was out of reach. I never felt discouraged because my team and family inspired me. 🥰

It felt really good to receive my official GWR certificate! 😄🎉

But I’m not stopping with just one record... 

Trust me, I have plenty of plans for more soccer freestyle records.

Plenty! Among other things, I want to run for the longest distance while balancing a ball on my head and juggle one ball for 2,000 touches while balancing another on my head. ⚽

My advice to you

Never give up! Always believe in yourself. 

And to the parents: learn to support and encourage your child’s dream, as my family did. 👪🏿

Most consecutive football soccer touches in one minute while balancing a football on the head