Dara McAnulty

Age: 17

Country: UK

Special skill: Conservation and writing

I’m a naturalist, writer and environmental campaigner. Being a naturalist means I know a lot about plants and animals. It’s my passion to help protect our environment by teaching others all about animal conservation – I especially love birds!🐦🦉🦆

My Guinness World Records title is for the youngest recipient of the RSPB Medal

RSPB =  Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

It felt really strange to receive this medal.🏅 

Previous recipients have dedicated their lives to conservation, so I wondered if it was premature! 

I have worked tirelessly, though, and campaigning for nature has taken over my life. 📣

To be rewarded for my efforts is a great honour and responsibility. 💚

Dara receiving his RSPB medal

dara in nature

Why I love watching wildlife 🌳🦔👀

As an autistic person, the calm and focus required to watch wildlife can be very therapeutic. 😊

I think having the ability to really delve deeply into your passions is very important for autistic people, to feel valued by society is essential to our mental health and well-being. 🤗

Everyone is dependent on nature

Our fast-paced society has pushed nature to the fringes. 🏃📱📺

We need everyone, especially educators and those in power, to get the message out there that we are dependent on nature. 🌍🔄

Young people do have refreshing ideas and energy that older generations could gain insight from, but we should all be working together. 👦🤝👵

The changes we so desperately need for a healthy planet require everyone to understand what’s at stake. 

nature image

I have always been fascinated by nature and so being able to not only have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful experiences with my family, but also share this with the world; it has given my life purpose and meaning.

Dara McAnulty

dara at a school climate strike

How to get involved in environmental activism  🌍♻️

I would start with your own garden, if you have one. Letting an area of your grass grow long or having pots of wildflowers can really help nature. 🌼🌱🌻
Make small changes – don’t step on the beetle, don’t kill that spider! 🚫🗞️🕷️
Every creature is important and just letting nature have its place in our lives; that’s the best place to start. 

What does it mean too be an activist? 

To me, being an activist means caring for nature and sharing that passion with everyone you meet. 🏞️🥰

It feels so good to be a part of the GWR family! We have the GWR book in our Christmas pile every year and my dad has his old childhood copies. So, it’s such a cool thing.


My plans for the future

When I’m older and a working biologist, I would like to explore other global habitats to study them and learn from their amazing wildlife. 🐯🦏

I would love to visit the Black Forest in Germany, they have bears! 🐻

I haven’t really seen very many cetaceans, so I definitely want to see Orca or Humpback whales too. 🐳

Dara meeting Prince Charles