Gitanjali Rao

Age: 15

Country: USA

Special skill: Science 


I’m Gitanjali, an innovator from Lone Tree, Denver, Colorado, USA, who holds the record for the first TIME Magazine Kid of the Year. I’ve invented new technologies to address contaminated drinking water, cyber bullying and more.

The best part of being the first TIME Magazine Kid of the Year:

  • I got a platform to amplify my message that science can bring about significant social change.

I love science because it’s a powerful vehicle to drive improvement in our communities. 🔬🧪

In human history, science has always helped make an enormous difference in improving the way we live. A single person's work can have an impact on the lives of billions. 

My hope is to make a small difference in my own way, using the many advances science and scientists have made. 👩‍🔬👨🏿‍🔬

time magazine cover

I am certainly like any other teenager. Like all my friends, I have my own challenges with doing my chores, managing time, prioritizing work, and staying focused.

Gitanjali Rao

Gitanjali In the mcmurray lab

I am naturally curious and I like to observe things around me. 👀

A lot of times, they do generate new ideas. They might not all be great ideas 😆 But somewhere they do help when solving some other unrelated problem. 

Empathy and consideration for others was something I was taught early on. 🤗

I'm usually inspired by issues with a personal connection. I try my best to understand them and look for ways to address them. I am not always successful, but the few times I succeed I feel like I have contributed in some way. 

My advice to other young people is this: Take risks, find your own talent and use it to alleviate the problems in society. There is no limit to the amount of time we can fail, and we still have time to succeed in our endeavours.


Where I see myself in 10 years’ time

I'd like to study a combination of Biology, engineering, and product development, hoping to develop my own products and services.

I also want to continue to do more of what I do today. I have plans to expand innovation workshops with the help of other volunteers who can take it to other parts of the world. 🌍🙋🏽

I'd like to help shape the curriculum to include innovation. 🏫📚

Gitanjali at the Kindly app launch