Chloe Chambers

Age: 16

Home country: USA

Special skill: Racing go-karts

I’m Chloe and I love speeding along in go-carts and racing cars! I hold the record for the fastest vehicle slalom. This meant I had to drive around 50 cones spaced 15.05 metres apart as fast as I could. I did it in 47.45 seconds 😎

How it started...

I first got into karting when I was seven years old

I’d watch Formula One on TV with my dad and he used to do autocross and track days. 🏎️💨

My mom and I used to go watch his events and one day, I asked my mom if I could drive too. I had my first go-karting lesson shortly afterwards. 

I started racing in the kid kart class, and won the championship in my first year. 🏆🎉

chloe when she was younger
chloe in the porche during attempt

My record attempt was Porsche’s idea… 

I was contacted by a filming director on their behalf – after he asked me if I wanted to do it, he revealed that the company was Porsche. 🐎

Overall, I had confidence in myself the whole time. When we first practised, I was quickly up to speed and close to the time required. 

However, the temperature made a big difference to the level of grip and the times possible. 🌡️

It wasn’t easy but we worked great as a team and did it!

When I broke the record, I felt a great deal of relief and pride. Compared to other races I’ve won, this was more meaningful to me because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that most people don’t get the chance to fulfil. It felt really good to know that I was officially the best in the world.

Chloe Chambers

It’s not just racing I’m good at though! 

I’m also a black belt in taekwondo. 🥋🙇‍♀️

I think I’m good at both because they’re more similar than you’d think. 

In both sports, you have to keep calm to perform at your best. They require focus, courage and good hand eye coordination.

chloe go kart racing

My advice if you’re thinking of taking on a record… 

If you don’t try, you won’t succeed. 

When you don’t win, you can learn from your mistakes and try again.

My plans for the future

Despite racing since I was eight, I still need to get my driver’s license! 🚗🤣

As of right now, I have my learners permit so I can drive on the road with my parents in the car. 💳

Driving on the road is a whole different world because on the road, you are not trying to drive on the limit to be the fastest person out there. 💨😅

Where I want to be in 10 years’ time

I intend to be a Formula One world champion, and an Indy 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans winner.

chloe standing next to car