Gui Khury

Age: 12

Home country: Brazil

Special skill: Skateboarding

I’m Gui Khury and I LOVE skateboarding! I hold two records for the X Games (which is an extreme sports event) and I was also the first person to land the 1080 spin (three full rotations) on a vertical skateboard ramp 🛹

For the last three years, I’ve broken a Guinness World Records title every year!

My records are:

  • Age 10: Youngest X Games athlete 
  • Age 11: First skateboard '1080' on a vertical ramp 
  • Age 12:Youngest X-Games gold medallist (male)

I do have other hobbies besides skateboarding though. I like to spend time surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and playing soccer.


Being the youngest X Games athlete of all time still feels like a dream come true! I still can’t quite believe that I even went to X Games - and have now brought a gold medal home!

Gui Khury

gui khury on skateboard in the air

First skateboard '1080' on a vertical ramp

When I was trying to achieve the first skateboard '1080' on a vertical ramp, I trained 3 hours a day. During practice, I warmed up by doing three 720 spins, which are 3 spins in the air. 

I love flying high and doing tricks while I'm in the air. That's why I love the ramp called the Mega Ramp, but my favorite is the vertical ramp. Anyway, back to the day I broke the record!  

My parents were filming the 1080, while two of my friends were watching. They were stoked when I finally did it! 

After I successfully landed the spin, I celebrated with delicious home-made pizza and cake. 🍕😋🍰

Other tricks I can do:

  • 24-meter descent on the Mega Ramp
  • 540-degree turn on a vert ramp
  • 720-degree turn (two laps in the air)
  • 900-degree turn (two and a half laps in the air)

If you want to do something, believe it and you can do it. Never give up and always be determined.


Skateboarding is very popular in Brazil. I’m known in the skateboard community and this week a guy said to me, "Are you Gui Khury?" and we took a selfie.😄📸

My skateboarding heroes:

  • Tony Hawk
  • Bob Burnquist
  • Danny Way

I do have my eyes on the next record…

Next up, I really want to land the 1260 trick. That’s three-and-a-half 360 spins! It’s really hard, and I’m still training every day so one day I can land it. Training is actually going really well, so fingers crossed! 🤞