Olivier Rioux

Age: 16

Home country: Canada

Special skill: Basketball!

Hello, I'm Olivier Rioux from Quebec, Canada, and I hold the record for the tallest teenager (male). I’m 226.9 cm (7 ft and 5.33 in) tall and tower over my classmates – and even the teachers! Most of the time you can find me on the basketball court 🏀

We’re still not 100% sure why I’m so tall - after investigation, doctors could only explain it with the genetics that my family has. My father is 6’8, my mom is 6’2 and my older brother is 6’9. So we’re a pretty tall family! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦📏

It feels great being the height I am. I love it ❤️

I was always taller than the rest of my friends at school or teammates. This is what nature planned for me. I learned to be peaceful and happy about it. ✌️😊

Olivier with his family
Tallest teenager living male standing in doorway to home small

The best and worst things about being super tall

The best things about my height 👍
  1. I'm noticed anywhere I go. I enjoy interacting with people that come to see me because every reaction is special. 
  2. It’s an advantage because I see higher - my angle of view is greater than most people. It gives me an advantage during a game.   
The worst things about my height 👎
  1. I have to duck under door frames. Since all the doors are at different heights it is not always easy to avoid them. Sometimes I hit my head and it hurts.  
  2. Finding clothes that fit is also a big challenge, but I manage!

Since I was a kid, I have been turning pages of the GWR books. Seeing that the tallest teenager was smaller than me at the same age gave me hope that it was possible for me to join the GWR family.

Olivier Rioux

Olivier with his basketball team

Basketball 🏀

I have been playing basketball since I was five years old. The opposing team would often question my age, because even as a five-year-old I was much taller than the other kids!

Although no one questions my age anymore, sometimes before the game the opponents are looking in my direction with question mark eyes.

Often they just ask a question at the free throw line like, "How tall are you?"

They are impressed to begin with but that does not make them less physical in the game. They even challenge me more because of my size.

Aside from basketball, I like to create abstract drawings using my imagination. Also I’m interested in new achievements scientists have made for space and the environment.

A Groot inspiration

One of my favourite heroes is Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy 🦝🌌👽 Because I see a resemblance with me, he is tall and still growing and also he's friendly.🤗

I’m also inspired by influencers. They’re giving a different point of view, they also inform on many interesting subjects of life.🤳🤔

Groot from Guardians of the galaxy standing with head cocked to one side

My plans for the future

I’m aiming for a pro basketball career. I plan to do all it takes to achieve that. ⛹️‍♂️⭐

I also hope that I'll have the opportunity to impact my community, through actions related to the environment 🌎