Reyansh Surani

Age: 12

Home countries: India, UAE

Special skill: Yoga

Hey, my name is Reyansh and I’m a passionate yogi. When I was 9 years and 219 days old, I became the world’s youngest male certified yoga instructor. Now I’m guiding my students – people of all ages – on their yoga journeys! 🧘🏽

It all started when…

My grandmother encouraged me to try out yoga when I was just a toddler. 👶🏻

I remember watching my grandparents and parents practising yoga…

I would try to imitate their poses and would make them laugh as I kept toppling over

But I started properly practising yoga when I was 4 years old. I simply loved it. 🧡

Then a few years later, I found out my mum and dad were attending a yoga teachers' training course in India, and I simply had to join them!


My journey of record breaking

Honestly speaking, the journey was super hard

For one thing, I moved all the way from Dubai to Rishikesh, India, for a month – I had no Internet access and no air conditioning. 😬

I embraced the humble lifestyle and, in the end, I fell in love with it. 🙏🏽

The daily routine was demanding too: we’d start at 7 in the morning and end at 7:30 in the evening, with 2 meal breaks and just 1 hour to rest or self-study.

But it was all worth it since I made my dream of becoming a yoga teacher come true… AND broke a world record at the same time! 🥳

Embracing yoga will be a game‑changer in one’s life. It’s a lifestyle change that will enable you to keep your mind, body and inner self balanced.

Reyansh Surani

🔎 What is yoga?
It is a form of exercise which originated in India around 5,000 years ago! The word “yoga” is from the Sanskrit language and it means “union.” Yoga poses involve a combination of stretching, breathing and mental relaxation (meditation). 🧘

What makes a good yoga teacher

I officially became a yoga instructor after completing my 200-hour training course, and so can YOU!

My advice, however, is to take some yoga classes before you decide to start your teaching journey… that way you can discover if you truly enjoy it. 🤓 

If you’re a beginner, watch my video and take your very first class from the comfort of your home!

Keep in mind that learning the poses is not enough; yoga is not only physical but also philosophical… it’s a way of life. 🌈


Fun facts about me

If you want to get to know me better, here are some fun facts:

  • I love all sports, not just yoga! I like skiing, scuba diving, even parkour 😎
  • I recently completed an Aerial Yoga course too… see me perform poses while suspended in the air!
  • I wrote a book – The Avid World of Reyansh – which was published in 2022 📖

What is your hobby?

My mission is to teach yoga in the Metaverse, as I believe the new generation would love to connect through it!

Reyansh Surani

What it's like being a record holder

I feel so proud and blessed. ✨

Everyone in the world has heard of Guinness World Records and actually being part of the book is a surreal experience.

It definitely took loads of hard work and teamwork. 💪

I’m very thankful to my teacher, Mr Anand Shekhar, my family and my school principal, Ms Nargish Khambatta – they all supported me so much!