Roxanne Downs

Age: 12

County: Australia

Special skill: Editor extraordinaire


Hi, I’m Roxanne and I hold the record for the youngest magazine editor which is super cool! I love covering topics I know our young audience will relate to and find interesting. 

I started editing It GiRL when I was eight years old. 

I wanted to be part of something that was big in my age group and among my friends. I’m a child myself and It GiRL is a magazine written for children. 📖👦👧🏽

I hang out with others my age all day and I know what they like, what’s good for them and what information they want to know.

The most famous person I’ve interviewed is… 🤩

Probably Justin Bieber 💜 or Jojo Siwa 🎀

But there have been so many more. Authors, Tik Tok stars, singers, actors… I’ve lost count now!

My advice for realising your goals is to do the small things right every day. Big opportunities present themselves to people who are easy to work with, polite, focused and hard-working. No-one wants to work with a rude, lazy little diva. LOL. Be kind!

 Roxy with JoJo Siwa

Roxy hard at work

My role as magazine Editor 📝

As the Editor of the magazine, I do all the main celebrity interviews, that usually also get recorded for our YouTube channel.🎥 ▶️

I also plan the theme of each issue, choose the cover talent and even select what cover gifts we have each month. 🎁👀

Children’s mags are pretty involved compared to adult mags with the bonus gifts, colourful bagging and so on. It’s busy! Sometimes I even go to retail meetings with our Publisher. 

How I juggle it 

In order to fit this around my schoolwork, I get the homework out of the way quick smart. Usually the whole week’s homework on Monday night. ✍️💨

Then I can spend most of my time doing what I love. 🥰

Big supermarket chains are always shocked when I walk into the boardroom!

Roxanne Downs

My dream job when I’m older would be:

• TV Host; 

• Presenter;

• or actor.

• Oh, and still a magazine editor, of course! 📝