Simeon Graham

Age: 15

Home country: England, UK

Special skill: Juggling

Hi there, I’m Simeon Graham and I’m a professional juggler! I hold THREE world record titles: most juggling catches in one minute with five balls (423), with six balls (396) and with seven balls (378). 🤹🏽

How it all started

I discovered my passion for juggling randomly.

Many years ago, when I was only 7, I was sent home from school because I had chickenpox… 😷

I knew I’d have to stay at home for a while, so I decided to learn how to juggle by watching YouTube videos.

After I learned how to juggle three balls, I was hooked – I simply had to learn more tricks!

My mum and dad saw how much I loved my new hobby, so they decided to find a teacher who could help improve my technique and posture. 🤓

simeon graham juggling six balls
simeon with circus group photo

My journey towards record breaking...

Fast forward a few years, I started performing in front of audiences. 🤩

I went on stage with the Circus Mash group and even appeared as a guest artiste with Gandeys Circus!

I also made my own YouTube channel – that’s where I first discovered the art of juggling, so I thought… why not teach others what I’ve learned?! 🧑🏽‍🏫

A couple years ago, I decided I wanted to attempt breaking a world record, so I started practising every day to achieve my goal.

I thought these records would be the “easiest” to break – you need to juggle low to do them, and I spent six years learning to juggle inside, under a low ceiling…

What it's like being a record-breaking juggler

It feels amazing knowing that I’ve broken three world records doing something I love. 💪🏽

But it took a lot of work. In the summer, I practise outside for at least an hour every day!

Hand-eye coordination and dexterity can definitely help you become a good juggler, but you also need perseverance, determination and resilience. 😎

All my friends think that what I do is really cool. One of them even came to see me perform and he LOVED it!

simeon graham holding two record certificates

My advice to juggling beginners is: never get angry when trying a trick; never give up; have fun!

Simeon Graham

 simeon juggling at two different stages

Fun facts about me

Here’s a couple more things about me:

  • Besides juggling, I really love videogames 🎮
  • I’m a huge fan of Luca Pferdmenges, a juggling star who holds – among others – the record for the most balls passed by a pair while juggling – 16!
  • I can also juggle clubs and other objects, but I’m focusing on the balls
  • I can juggle up to 11 BALLS!

My plans for the future

I’m determined to one day be able to juggle 15 balls. That would be a dream come true for me! 🌈

I’ve been honing my skills with the Circus Mash performers school for six years now. 

In the future, I just want to become the best juggler that I can possibly be…

Will that lead me to breaking more records in the future?

Who knows! 👀

simeon dressed as clown