Tyler Hainey

Age: 10

Home country: UK

Special skill: Scooter tricks

My name’s Tyler and the main thing to know about me is I love scooters and performing cool tricks. I have TWO world records and even got to perform on an Italian TV show!

My records

  • Most kick-scooter backflips in one minute - 15
  • Most kick scooter flips in one minute - 6

I broke the backflip record in 15 January 2022, in Salisbury, UK. The record before, of 12, had stood since 2012 – that was the year I was born!! It was held by "Kota" Schuetz, a scooter freestyle legend.

My second record attempt was on a bit of a bigger stage – the Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record! I did six kick scooter flips in 60 seconds to get the record on 18 February 2022.

Before my record titles, I was named the under 8 UK scooter champion (2018) and came in 5th at the Scoot GB under 12 national competition (2019).

Tyler standing on skateboard ramp with his gwr certificate
tyler flip on ramp in garden

Why scooters?

I actually rode a motocross bike at the age of 3 until I saw a scooter in a toy shop one day. I had seen the cool tricks you could do on YouTube videos and wanted to try it. I was a natural! I can actually backflip on a BMX as well.

My scooter has been customized to fit me so the bars have been cut down and width taken down. The deck has also been cut (the bit you stand on) and has custom anodize. This was all done by my dad!

I train 3 or 4 days a week, normally for a few hours but sometimes it’s the whole day!

Other stuff I like! 😀 I love going to gym and kickboxing but I also loooove my trampoline to practice my scooter tricks.

 Inspirational scooter riders

I look up to lots of scooter riders! Here are a few:

  • Dakota 
  • Jamie hull 
  • Jordan Clark 
  • Ryan Williams

Nailing the backflip 

I landed a backflip for the first time in 2018. I was only six! It was the best feeling as it was soo scary but I had put lots of work into learning it so was cool doing it.

Nailing the DOUBLE backflip 

Wow. Doing the double backflip in 2021 was the best feeling I’ve ever had. I worked over three years on my mental and physical strength to do this. I never gave up even though I landed on my head once and it really, really, REALLY hurt. I knew I could do it.

The day I did it was just amazing, my emotion showed how much it meant to me! Afterwards, a video of me landing the double backflip went viral, with over 100 million views on social media. That was pretty awesome too. 

tyler at britains got talent

I love showing people how cool scooters are and getting other kids to come to a skate park instead of playing Fortnite like my cousin!

Tyler Hainey

tyler holding scooter above head

How it feels to be a record holder 

The record for most kick scooter backflips in one minute is something I’ve wanted to set officially for a long time as a kid in America beat me to landing the youngest backflip in the world by one week.

I think doing 5 in one min is loads better than just one tho! 😉 JK

My family are very proud and really support me and always treat me with sweeeeets!

I really hope scooter riding is part of the Olympics one day. I would love to be in the Olympics on my scooter.

How to get started with scootering 

The best thing to do if you want to try scooter tricks is just get some pads and a helmet and just start riding and getting comfortable. Then you could start on some small ramps. Riding with friends is really good to help with nerves!

tyler wins under eight uk champion