Wang Guanwutong and Qi Yufan

Age: 12 (Wang) 8 (Qi)

Home country: China

Special skill: Breakdancing 

We’re Wang and Qi and we hold breakdancing world records for a tricky move called an airflare!


I saw it for the first time on TV, and after seeing the cool, handsome guys in action, I was immediately hooked!

I've been learning breakdance since I was 4 years old, when my father took me to a small dance studio. 

He has supported me for so many years and gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration. My first coach was Geng Bin who brought me to this colourful world.

Without the quiet efforts of my friends and family, there would be no GWR record title for me today. They are very happy for me and proud of me.


I got into breakdancing in October 2018, when I was four-and-a-half years old. I fell in love with it after watching hip-hop reality shows with my dad.

My dad inspires me when it comes to record-breaking. Although he is not a dancer, he will learn the moves I am attempting by watching videos and he will ask the breakdancing teacher for advice on training and support.

Wang and Qi
Wang performing breakdance air flares male

Top achievements so far


The highlight of my career so far has been achieving two Guinness World Records titles. These are:

  • Most consecutive breakdance air flares (male) – 94
  • Most breakdance air flares in one minute – 55

I put the GWR certificates in the most prominent position in my home!

I have also participated in a lot of performances on TV. The most memorable thing is dancing with my idol, bouboo, in his final dance of Street Dance of China Season III.


The highlight of my competitive breakdancing career to date HAS to be my world record title for the  most consecutive breakdance air flares (female). I managed 121. This attempt was part of the 2021 Guinness World Records Day 🌎 celebrations, which made it even more special!

I’m very happy to hold a Guinness World Records title for doing something I  love 💗

What is an airflare? 
The airflare is an advanced breakdancing move where a person places their hands on the floor one after the other, while their body and legs spin around. See Wang and Qi mid-action! ➡️⬆️

Qi Yufan performing breakdance airflares female

Qi Yufan performing

Qi: What it’s like being a record breaker

I keep my GWR certificate hanging in my bedroom. I look at it every day. It's a reward for me giving my all and it keeps me going. I will also bring copy to the dance studio to let more people see it inspire them to really like dancing and having fun!

Everyone is very happy about my world record! However, my mum told me not to get too big headed - this is just a small step in my life, who knows what will come next!

It's a pleasure and an honour to get two GWR record titles, and I would like to share with everyone that if you work hard, your dream will come true.

Wang Guanwutong

Wang posing with trophy

Breakdancing for beginners

Wang’s tips

If you are a beginner, please make sure you do your basic training first! Start slowly with a simple action, step by step. 

Breakdance is not something you can do in a day or two. You have to expect to be learning for a long time. You will learn to persevere and never give up, and slowly develop a very good habit. Then, in the future, you can learn more advanced moves and routines.

Qi's tips

I would really recommend other young people giving breakdancing a try! There are a lot of children around me who think I dance well and look cool while doing it! I’ve encouraged others to give it a go and join in.

My advice to beginners:

  1. Practice as much as you can
  2. Listen to music – let it inspire you and your breakdancing moves!

I’m not sure yet if I’ll be a professional breakdancer when I grow up. Maybe I will. But whatever happens, I will keep dancing.

Qi Yufan

Wang’s plans for the future

I’m not sure whether breakdance will be my full-time career - the future is long and unpredictable!

But I will continue to dance - it has become an integral part of my life. In the future, I’m going get a lot more people dancing it.

I’m already teaching some simple movements to the people around me, and share the advantages of learning breakdance and what they might achieve. I would love to promote breakdance to more people.

In addition to breakdance, I would like to challenge the physical limitations of other sports – maybe with some more records!