Food 🍕

Feast your eyes on these mouth-watering world records!

Including supersized food, speed eating, coconut crushing, hamburger collecting and much more, there's something to suit everyone's tastes.

Try these food stacking records!
Tallest stack of DOUGHNUTS🍩
Most saltine crackers eaten in 1 minute!
largest easter egg
This Easter egg is bigger than a house!
cake pop
TikTok chefs bake giant CAKE POP
heaviest grapefruit
World's heaviest grapefruit
egg cup contortionist
EGG-CELLENT contortionist uses her feet as hands
man vs coconut
Man vs Coconut
michelle lesco
Speed eating jars of mayonnaise 🤮
margerine sculpture
Massive margarine sculpture
Leah Shutkever vs Christmas treats 😋
marshmallow experiment
Orbax & Pepper's marshmallow experiment