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Watch YouTube star Stampy Cat make 10 cakes in Minecraft in under four minutes!

The record was set by Stampy at Guinness World Records' London HQ.

Stampy wrote the introduction Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2019, in which he discusses his records and what you can find in the fact-filled book.

"As I am literally obsessed with videogames, I was so excited when I heard that they [Guinness World Records] wanted to me be involved with this book!"

Stampy Cat's real name is Joseph Garrett, and he runs the YouTube channel stampylonghead and stampylongnose.

He has over 9 million subscribers and almost 7 billion views on his channel, but wanted something else to show his talents - a new Guinness World Records title! 

Already a record-holder with Most viewed Terraria video (9,736,410 views) on his video Terraria Xbox - My First Night [1], Stampy decided to set a brand new record, combining his love of Minecraft and cake.

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The successful attempt took just 3:51 minutes, but was no piece of cake!

Stampy put a lot of thought into the attempt to make sure everything ran smoothly and most importantly, quickly. For example, he used a pit to spawn his skeletons to stop them moving during the attempt. 

"Spawning them in so they're just roaming around the land would not be a very fast idea... because then I'll be trying to make 10 cakes while a skeleton is running around and shooting me" he explained. 

With two records to his name, Stampy is looking for want records he can break next. 

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