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Whether you are mad for Roblox or a FIFA fanatic, it’s time to discover some of our favourite videogame records that took gaming to the next level! 

Most visited videogame created in Roblox

The most played game in Roblox is Brookhaven RP, which has been visited more than 37.2 BILLION times as of 29 September 2023. 🤯

It is a game that revolves around roleplaying, and it’s easy and fun for all ages!

You can drive cars, get a house, go to school and more…

What is your favourite Roblox game?

Also, discover countless gaming videos, that are as fun as they are record-breaking, in our gaming corner here.

largest videogame collection

Largest collection of videogames

Antonio Romero Monteiro (USA) lives the dream of every gamer, as he has amassed 24,268 videogames after collecting them for 35 years!

For Antonio, video games are a true form of art and storytelling, with no limits to imagination!

Do you agree? 🤔

About his passion for videogames, he told us: "Some of my most precious memories include videogames and their experiences with family and friends."

Best-selling game

You may be able to guess this one…

With its blocky graphics and open-ended gameplay, Minecraft is now the world's best-selling game, having sold 283 million copies as of April 2021! 😮

With Minecraft you can build anything, that’s why it is often described as an online LEGO® - do you see the resemblance?

How much have you learnt on your travels through the forests, dungeons, deserts and jungle temples of the Overworld? ⚒️

Take this Minecraft Quiz and let’s see if you’re truly an expert!

longest videogame marathon

Longest videogame marathon

Do you like active games like Just Dance, when you can have fun while… working out? 💃🏻

Dancing queen Carrie Swidecki (USA) broke a record by dancing for 138 hours and 34 seconds playing Just Dance 2015.

For her many achievements, she was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame in 2018.

What a legend!

Longest-running soccer series

Did you know that the FIFA series kicked off in 1993?

That makes it over 30 years old. 🤓

And having sold over 325 million units, it’s also one of the most popular games to ever exist!

FIFA brings The World's Game to life, letting you play with the biggest football leagues, clubs, and players in the world.

Are you a FIFA fan?

kids playing videogames

Now it’s YOUR turn!

It’s time to show your gaming skills! A world record title could become yours. 😎

At GWR HQ we've been busy creating records just for you – people under 16, so you don't have to compete unfairly alongside the grown-ups. 

For gamers like you, we have created 5 record titles based on the following video games:

  • Minecraft
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl
  • FIFA 22/23
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

If you like the look of one (or all of them!), simply go to our Set a record page, scroll down and you’ll find all 5 record titles.

Your parent or guardian can apply for you using the button on each page!

And if you want to test your video game knowledge…

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