Greatest variety of cheese on a pizza, 154 types

Imagine grabbing a slice of this super cheesy pizza, topped with 154 different cheeses😋🍕🧀

Chef Johnny Di Francesco (Australia) wanted to get a pizza the action and create this ooey gooey goodness after he saw the record for the greatest variety of cheese on a pizza.


Cool fact alert! 

Chef Johnny was inspired to make cheese-tastic pizza by the The Mutant Ninja Turtles.🐢 

One of the characters, Donatello, say a pizza topped with 99 different cheeses is a "culinary impossibility".

But Johnny proved him wrong and created a 99-cheese pizza.

Look out cheese, here come Johnny!

"Customers petitioned to have it a permanent menu item" explained Johnny.

But he wanted to take his cheese sprinkling to a new level and secure a world record. 

Listing all the different cheese types after they had been weighed and put into separate pots

But finding the 154 different cheeses was a hard task.

Not only did they have the find all the cheeses, but they had to make sure they tasted yummy when they were put together. 


"We needed to be sure each cheese could blend really well together once combined."

The different cheeses included cheddar, mozzarella, goat's cheese, blue cheese and many, many more! 


After the initial pizza was made – with just a gram of each type of cheese – the pizza to their restaurant's menu for a short while.

To be able to do this, the remaining cheese was melted down together and chilled into a single big block of 154 cheeses. Imagine the size of that block! 😱🧀

Look into the yellow circle of cheesy goodness...

But how did people react to the cheese-tastic pizza?

"There are too many to recall but overall, incredibly positive," Johnny added.

"Watching my customers' face as they took their first bite into a slice of cheesy goodness – well, that reaction is priceless."

Would you try a pizza with 154 different cheese toppings? 🤔🍕