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Today, 19 November 2021, is World Toilet Day!

The toilet may not be the most glamourous part of your house, but it’s probably the most important. 🚽

World Toilet Day is a chance to celebrate toilets and everything they do for us – from taking away our waste to protecting our health and safety.  😍💩

But they're not just for flushing away poops. Take a look at these record-breaking toilets

fastest motorized toilet

Fastest motorized toilet

Have you ever been bursting for a pee and had to rush to the toilet? 😬

Well, this toilet can rush to you. 🚽💨

The fastest motorized toilet is the HAWC (Highly Advanced Water Closet) Mk1, which reached a speed of 70.5 mph (113.5 km/hr).

It was built in 2018 by Robert English, Thomas Ellis, Joe Summers and William Beaty; a team of 18-year-old students from Harington School in Rutland, UK. 😎

They attached a toilet and cistern to a go-kart frame and used an engine to power it. They even used a toilet brush as a gear stick! 🚗

The HAWC Mk1 beat the previous record of 53.2 mph (85.6 km/h), set by YouTuber Colin Furze in 2013.

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tallest house shaped like a toilet

Tallest house shaped like a toilet

Have you ever wanted to live inside a toilet? Probably not, but you might change your mind after checking out this toilet mansion.

At a height of 7.5 m (24 ft 7 in) it’s the world’s tallest house shaped like a toilet.

The house’s name, "Haewoojae", means "a place of sanctuary where one can solve one’s worries". It has four high-tech toilets, including one that produces mist to make you feel more relaxed whilst pooping. 😌💩

To get to the roof balcony, you need to go around the "rim" of the bowl via stairs in what would be the "drain" of the toilet.

ornamental poop outside tallest house shaped like a toilet

But who would build such a house?

None other than Mr Toilet himself! Sim Jae-Duck, aka Mr Toilet, was the former mayor of Suwon, South Korea and the chairman of a World Toilet Association conference. 🤵

His toilet house was constructed on the same land where he had reportedly been born 68 years earlier in his grandmother’s outhouse👶🚽

Sim Jae-Duck’s aim was to raise awareness that billions of people around the world still do not have easy access to toilets in their home: "My dream is for the whole world to work together to allow everyone to enjoy sanitary, cultural and environment-friendly toilets. I want no one to suffer from the absence of toilet facilities.”

After Sim’s death in 2009, the house was donated by his family and became thefirst toilet theme park

most diamonds on a toilet seat

Most diamonds set on a toilet

Using this diamond toilet seat gives new meaning to the phrase “sitting on the throne”. 👑

The most diamonds set on a toilet is 40,815 diamonds and was achieved by Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd. (Hong Kong) on 22 October 2019. 💎

The makers of this bling-bling bog seat love to bedazzle regular objects, such as the most valuable guitar and most valuable golf club🎸️

most toilet paper rolls balanced on head

Most toilet paper balanced on the head

If your parents panic-bought a load of toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic, you can put them to good use by attempting this record! 🧻️

The most toilet paper rolls balanced on the head is 101 and was achieved by David Rush (USA) in Boise, Idaho, USA, on 8 May 2021.

He stacked them into a pyramid shape to get as many as possible on his head. This attempt required amazing balancing skills! 🤩

David Rush is a serial record breaker and has achieved over 200 Guinness World Records titles. He attempted this record to promote STEAM education. How many marks can you get in our STEAM quiz?

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