Who's heard of Zach King (USA)?

TikTok star Zach has officially broken the record for the most followers on TikTok (male)!

With over 58.2+ million followers on just TikTok, this adds to his massive following across YouTube, Instagram, and former platform Vine.  

Zach has over 92+ million followers across all of his platforms - are you one of his followers?


It’s not uncommon for Zach to earn millions of views on his videos. 

With no cuts or obvious edits, his videos look like he's performing magic! 

Sometime she posts behind-the-scenes videos that show how he completed such clever cuts - but they often still leave you scratching your head! 

Zach was actually rejected from the Biola University when he first decided to pursue content making with a film course. 

However, this didn't stop him from pursuing his passion for filmmaking anyway - and look at where he is now! 

One of his most popular videos has 2.1 Billion views, and shows the filmmaker magically riding on a broomstick. 

"The most difficult part about growing a channel is hitting your first 100k subscribers. There was never a period that I doubted that my channels would be successful, but I also definitely never predicted they would get this big." 

Zach's first big success was a video called Jedi Kittens, which he posted on YouTube.

"The video that I always come back to is ‚ÄėJedi Kittens‚Äô. It was my first viral¬†video¬†and it was wild because it was an overnight success. I remember pulling an all-nighter to film and edit it with my friend, Aaron, and it got millions of views the next day. That video and experience will always be special to me."

When Vine launched in 2012 (who remembers Vine?), it allowed Zach to create stories in just six seconds - good practise for TikTok! 

It's challenging to tell a story in such little time - but Zach loved the opportunity to create amazing videos and explore his childhood obsession with magic.


His bio reads ‚ÄúBringing a little more wonder into the world, 15 seconds at a time‚ÄĚ, and he certainly does.¬†¬†

Although Zach has achieved so much in the last decade, this is just the beginning for the many projects ahead. 

He also just received his YouTube Diamond Play Button, an award given to creators for hitting 10 million subscribers.   

For anyone who is looking to follow their own dreams, Zach shares one piece advice that helped him get to where he is today: 

"Just start creating. Don’t worry about making everything perfect. As you refine your craft, you will also develop your own twist on the world and find the harmony between what you love making and where people want to watch it."