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Do you spend hours scrolling through TikTok and watching videos?

Us too! 😄

We love watching Khaby Lame (Italy), who broke Zach King’s record for the most followers on TikTok (male). Khaby has 124 million currently.

We also follow Charli D’Amelio (USA), who has the most followers on TikTok overall, with 131 million. 👑

There was lots of amazing record-breaking action on Guinness World Records’ own TikTok page too. 🤩

Here are our most viewed videos from 2021…

Fastest time to apply 10 surgical masks

You’ve probably worn a face mask before, but have you ever worn 10 at the same time? 😷

Well, that’s exactly what Rocco Mercurio (Italy) did when he broke this record, setting the fastest time to apply 10 surgical masks6.19 sec.

Lots of people duetted this video on TikTok, but no one broke Rocco’s record. How fast can you do it?

Most Big Mac® burgers eaten in a lifetime

“For me it’s Big Macs every day, it’s Coca-Cola every day.”

The most Big Mac® burgers eaten in a lifetime was achieved by Donald Gorske (USA) – 32,340 (and counting!)

Donald first achieved this record in 1999 and he adds to it every day by eating two Big Mac® burgers. 🍔🍔

The last day Donald didn’t eat a Big Mac® was 23 November 2000. You probably weren’t even born then! 😵

Fastest time to drink two litres of soda

Eric Booker (USA) loves drinking stuff really quickly, aka chugging. 🥤😋

He loves it so much, he has an entire YouTube channel (‘BadlandsChugs’) dedicated to chugging (and burping afterwards). 

In May 2021, Eric set a record for the fastest time to drink two litres of soda18.45 seconds

We do not recommend drinking this much soda in one go! 🤮

Largest gape (male)

Watching this video of Isaac Johnson (USA) left millions of people with their mouths wide open. 😲

Isaac has the world’s largest gape (male). He can open his mouth 10.175 cm (4 in) wide.

One of the main questions that everyone asks is "does it hurt to open your mouth so wide?". For Isaac, it’s just a natural ability he has. 😎

"It doesn't hurt but it can get tired if I open for a long period of time," he explained.

Tallest Mohican/Mohawk spike

Is Joseph’s hair taller than you? 

Measuring 129.4 cm (4 ft 2 in), Joseph Grisamore (USA) has the tallest Mohican/Mohawk spike in the world.

When he’s not wearing it in a sky-high spike, Joseph keeps his hair braided and in two knots. This way he doesn’t accidentally sit on it! 😂

Longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female)

Usually we post videos of people achieving records, but this one shows Ayanna Williams (USA) losing her record. 💅

Ayanna held the record for the longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female), but in March 2021 she decided to cut them for the first time in over 20 years!

Ayanna’s nails were measured one final time before being cut. They were 733.55 cm (24 ft 0.7 in) long. 😵

“I’m gonna always be the queen that I am, with or without my nails” – Ayanna Williams

Youngest female with a full beard

Harnaam Kaur (UK)  was aged 24 years 282 days when she earned this record title back in 2015.

At 12 years old, Harnaam was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) - a condition that millions of people around the world have.

Harnaam’s message of body positivity and acceptance was very popular on TikTok.

"We get mocked for something that is so natural to our body" she explained.

"My beard allows me to have good people around me only, because I know that the people around me are very open minded, non-judgmental and loving." – Harnaam Kaur

Most pineapples on heads cut in half in 30 seconds

This is Fruit Ninja in real life…

The most pineapples on heads cut in half in 30 seconds is 75, achieved by K.V Saidalavi (India) on 7 February 2020.

Hopefully none of the pineapples were Spongebob’s house...🍍😱

K.V hopes his Guinness World Records title will encourage more people to do martial arts – but not with swords! K.V is an expert and has been training for nearly 30 years, so don’t try this at home.

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