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Yesterday, August 26th, was International Dog Day! 🐶

You can celebrate the day by giving your dog extra belly rubs and by taking them on a walk through their favourite wet, muddy, stinky field. 💩

Once you’ve done that, watch this pawsome video of Daiquiri the dog doing some chores! 

Daiquiri broke the record for most clothes retrieved from a washing line by a dog in one minute. With the help of his trainer Jennifer Fraser, Daiquiri put 18 clothes items in the basket. 👕

He’s better at doing the laundry than a lot of human adults! 😂

Daiquiri lives by the motto “Work hard, play hard”. Once he finished helping out with the chores, he broke another record for eating lots of treats! 🍪🍪🍪

He caught 11 treats in his mouth without dropping any, setting a new record for most consecutive items caught by a dog. 😋

daiquiri sitting

Daiquiri and Jennifer also hold lots of other Guinness World Records titles:

  • Most tricks performed by a dog in one minute: 60
  • Most weaves through a person’s leg by a dog in 30 seconds: 37
  • Most coins deposited into a piggy bank by a dog in one minute: 18
  • Most toys retrieved by a dog in one minute: 15
  • Fastest time to complete five wall runs by a dog: 9.240 sec
  • Fastest time to walk 30 metres with a dog weaving through the legs: 13.55 sec
  • Fastest 30 metre dog recall: 17.54 sec
  • Fastest time to walk 30 metres with a dog's paws on the feet: 42.03 sec

As you can see, Jennifer and Daiquiri have many talents! They love showing the world what they can do and hope to break even more records soon.

“We both love to be challenged so we have our eye on several world records we plan to master.”

Keep an eye out for Daiquiri and Jennifer in Guinness World Records 2022! 🤩

daiquiri wall running