Do you remember Daiquiri, the Australian Shepherd who's broken lots of doggy records?! 🐶

Well, Daiquiri and his owner, Jennifer Fraser, are now back with another record title!

Just a few months ago, they travelled all the way from Canada to Milan, Italy to be on the popular TV show Lo Show Dei Record.

Daiquiri is a dog of many talents, one of which is removing socks from people’s feet! 🧦

In fact, this skill won him a world record for the most socks removed by a dog in one minute, with the impressive number of 21.

daiquiri close up

So, how many records have Jennifer and Daiquiri broken so far?

The answer is... 12! 🤯

Some of them are:

  • Themost tricks performed by a dog in one minute - 60
  • The fastest time to walk 30 metres with a dog weaving through the legs - 13.55 seconds
  • Thefastest time to complete five wall runs by a dog - 9.240 seconds
  • Themost clothes retrieved from a washing line by a dog in one minute – 18
  • Themost toys retrieved by a dog in one minute – 15
  • Thefastest time to walk 30 metres with a dog's paws on the feet – 42.03 seconds

jennifer and daiquiri high fiving

As soon as Daiquiri and Jennifer entered the stage, they performed a series of amazing tricks and poses, with the audience cheering and clapping for them. 👏

Afterwards, the Italian host Gerry Scotti welcomed them to the show and got to know them better.

Daiquiri is 7 years old, although, as Gerry pointed out, he still plays with the enthusiasm of a puppy! 

Jennifer’s grandma used to also love playing with dogs, training them and teaching them fun tricks. 👵

When the time came to start the record attempt, 11 girls entered the stage and sat lined up in chairs, all ready to have their socks removed by Daiquiri.

During the attempt, Jennifer couldn't touch Daiquiri, only guide him and encourage him...

On the first try, Daiquiri successfully removed 20 socks, equalling the number that the previous record holders, Lilu and Briana from California, USA, had achieved almost 10 years ago! 😮

Thankfully, they were allowed two more attempts, so Jennifer and Daiquiri decided to try again for a better result. 

Check out their second attempt:

Daiquiri managed to break the current record by one sock!

So, when we met her backstage to celebrate, Jennifer told us: “I’m very proud of my boy, he did excellent!

That’s the first time he’s ever done it, so I’m so happy for him.

We're super proud of Daiquiri too! 🥹

Just before leaving, the incredible duo surprised us with one last trick… Daiquiri holding the record certificate with his front paws! 🐾

What do you think their next record will be?!

jennifer and daiquiri holding record certificate