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What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever built using LEGO®

The small, colourful bricks can be used to make virtually anything you can imagine. Spaceships, cars, dinosaurs, aliens – the possibilities are endless! 👽🚀👾

Today, 28 January, is International LEGO® Day. To celebrate, take a look at these amazing, record-breaking LEGO® builds...

Largest LEGO® brick Ferris wheel

It took around 37,000 LEGO® bricks and 200 hours for Tomáš Kašpařík (Czech Republic) to build this big Ferris wheel. 🎡

Tomáš chose to build this because he was inspired by the shape of the London Eye. It took many months for Tomáš to figure out how to construct the circular frame without it breaking. 🤔

The total height is 3.64 metres (11 feet 11 inches), containing a total of 43 carriages.

“I like to create stuff that children will like, that children will enjoy. I guess that’s my inspiration – to bring smiles to childrens’ faces.” – Tomáš

His top tip for building is to start small

“If you start big, you’ve spent a lot of energy and a lot of effort, and it may not work out.”

LEGO bee hive exterior

Largest LEGO® brick beehive

This LEGO® beehive is home to around 30,000 bees🐝🐝🐝

It measures 0.08 m³ (2.82 ft³), created by schoolteacher and wildlife activist Ruairi O' Leochain (Ireland).


The hive has all the same parts as a normal beehive:

  • Cover
  • Roof
  • Three entrances and exits
  • Honeycomb frames (these hold all the honeycomb)
  • Broodbox  (a small box that contains the queen bee and all her eggs) 👑
  • Honey super (a box placed on top of the hive that’s used to collect honey) 🍯
  • Queen excluder (a barrier that only lets worker bees through) 🚧🐝

LEGO largest brick skeleton

Largest LEGO® brick skeleton

This LEGO® build is the same size as an actual Tyrannosaurus rex🦖

In total, 80,020 bricks were used to construct this 20 ft (6 m) tall dinosaur.

It was built by Nathan Sawaya (USA) during the summer of 2011 “in honour of the thousands of children who enjoy the art of LEGO® building”. 👦👧

LEGO largest display outsized superheroes

Largest display of outsized LEGO® brick sculptures of superheroes

Nathan Sawaya also built all these LEGO® superheroes. 🦸🦇⚡️

Can you spot your favourite here?

There are 11 in total: Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, Diana Prince, Krypto, and two different sculptures of both Superman and Batman.

LEGO Largest drivable vehicle

Largest drivable vehicle made from LEGO®

Taking it to the next level is this LEGO® drill tank that can actually be driven! 😃

Taking over 200,000 bricks and 300 hours to build, its measurements are:

  • Length: 3.93 m (12 ft 10 in)
  • Width: 1.45 m (4 ft 9 in)
  • Height:1.22 m (4 ft)t took over 300 hours to complete.

The vehicle was built to celebrate the opening of Hong Kong Toy Museum in Lok Fu Plaza.

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