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Did you know you can break a Guinness World Records title by playing with your toys? 😃

16-year-old Nate McEvoy, from Wisconsin, USA, has broken world records by doing just that!

Fidget spinners, LEGO®, Jenga… Nate can do it all. 😎

Watch all his successful record attempts right here 👇

Most Jenga blocks removed in one minute

Nate earned his first record in April 2020. He had always wanted to hold a Guinness World Records title and discovered that playing Jenga was the perfect way to do it. 

"I started looking for records that fit my skillsets and interests. I have always loved games, so I looked for a record that involved a game and tried it out." - Nate

The previous record was 21, achieved by Silvio Sabba (Italy) in 2019. Nate practiced over and over until he was fast enough to break it. 💪

"I tried different strategies of deciding where to start pulling the Jenga blocks from the tower. It did take a lot of practice to figure out the best way to remove the blocks quickly and efficiently," Nate said.

Nate McEvoy removing Jenga pieces

Nate broke the record, removing 25 Jenga blocks without toppling the tower. 

However, in 2021, Nate decided that wasn’t good enough. He knew he could break his own record if he tried again.

Impressively, he improved his total by seven, setting a new record of 32 Jenga blocks removed in one minute. 🥳️

Nate McEvoy removing LEGO bricks

Most LEGO® bricks removed from a baseplate and held in the hand in 30 seconds

Nate broke another one of his own records in September 2021.

For this record, Nate could only use one hand to pick up as many LEGO® bricks as possible within 30 seconds.

He also had to hold them all in his hand – any that fall out don’t count! 😯

"I tried different strategies of deciding to go fast and hoped the LEGO® bricks would stay in the hand or to go slow and make sure the bricks stayed in the hand."

Nate was able to remove 22 LEGO® bricks in 30 seconds, beating his previous total of 20. 😊

Nate McEvoy passing the fidget spinner

Most blindfolded passes of a fidget spinner in one minute

Continuing his week of record breaking, this time Nate was going after someone else’s record. 😜

To achieve this record, Nate had to pass a fidget spinner from one hand to the other as fast as he could. Each pass only counts if the fidget spinner is spinning.

As if that wasn’t tricky enough, Nate had to do it whilst wearing a blindfold! 😳

"I have a fidget spinner collection, so I looked for records that would involve a spinner. When I tried this record, I did pretty good, so I kept practicing." - Nate

The previous record to beat was 61, achieved by Rocco Mercurio (Italy) in 2018. 

Nate did more than double that number, achieving a total of 125 passes😵

"Although my hands were a little shaky, I was still able to beat the record," Nate said after his successful attempt.

Nate McEvoy 15 cup pyramid

Fastest time to build a 15 cup pyramid

Blink and you’ll miss it! 😝

Nate broke another one of Silvio Sabba’s records by stacking these cups at lightning speed. ⚡️

"I like to do sport stacking and when I was looking at the records for the sport, I found this one," Nate said.

Nate stacked all 15 cups in just 2.55 seconds, breaking Silvio’s record of 2.98 seconds.

Nate McEvoy hammer flipping

Most hammer flips in one minute

Nate also broke this more dangerous record with 103 flips. Don’t try this one at home!

"Being a Guinness World Records title holder gives me a feeling of accomplishment. With perseverance you can accomplish all the challenges you set your mind to." – Nate McEvoy