Deshna Nahar limbo skating under twenty cars

Doing the limbo is already hard enough by itself, so imagine how hard it is to limbo while travelling at high speeds!

That’s exactly what 7-year-old Deshna Aditya Nahar (India) did to break the record for the fastest time to limbo skate under twenty cars.

Limbo skating, also known as roller limbo, is a sport which involves riding on roller skates underneath an obstacle without touching it. 😲

Deshna skated under all twenty cars in 13.74 seconds, beating the previous time of 14.15 seconds, which was achieved by Li Mingfen in 2015. 

Watch Deshna in action here 👇

Deshna trained for one and a half years to achieve this record!

Not only did she have to master the skill of limbo skating, she also had to practise until she was fast enough to beat the previous record time.

One of the challenges Deshna faced during her preparation was finding a good place to practise. It was difficult to find a long, flat stretch of land to skate on because Deshna lives in the Indian city Pune, which has lots of hills.

Deshna began her record attempt by skating quickly towards the row of cars in front of her. As she approached them, she impressively outstretched her legs to either side of her body. Deshna dropped so low that her head and chest were almost touching the ground. 😵

The gap she had to skate through was only 30.5 cm (12 in) high.

Deshna needed to stay as low as possible as she passed under each car because if she touched any of them, she would fail the record attempt. 🚙

side angle of deshna nahar limbo skating between two cars

Deshna remained calm and focused as she speedily skated underneath all twenty cars. Amazingly, she beat the previous record by 0.41 seconds!

As she popped back up after finishing her attempt, Deshna’s family and friends all cheered in celebration of the new record holder. 😄

Deshna set this record in memory of her grandmother. "It was my grandmother’s dream to go skating," she said.

As one of our youngest record holders, we’re sure Deshna has a bright future of record breaking ahead of her!

Perhaps she will follow in the footsteps (or roller skates) of fellow Indian limbo skater Shristi Dharmendra Sharma, who currently holds three Guinness World Records titles:

  • Fastest time to limbo skate under ten bars: 1.69 seconds
  • Lowest limbo skating over 25 m: 17 cm (6.69 in)
  • Lowest limbo ice skating over 10 m: 17.78 cm (7 in)